February 2012

Feb 23, 2012USGS Releases Fact Sheet About the National Land Cover Database

Source: C.H. Homer, J.A. Fry, and C.A. Barnes The National Land Cover Database (NLCD) serves as the definitive Landsat-based, 30-meter resolution, land cover database for the Nation. NLCD provides spatial reference and descriptive data for [...]

Feb 23, 2012Landsat 5 Testing

The Landsat 5 Mission Operations Center will be conducting tests to document the performance of the TM transmitter (the primary X-band TWTA that was recently switched back on after being shutdown since 1987). This test could last up to 24 days [...]

Feb 23, 2012Smith Island, MD, 1983-2011

< ![CDATA[Changes to Smith Island, MD and Tangier Island, VA, (Chesapeake Bay).]]>

Feb 23, 2012LDCM Spacecraft Animations

< ![CDATA[A collection of animations and still images of LDCM.]]>

Feb 23, 2012TIRS Overview

< ![CDATA[An introduction to the Thermal InfraRed Sensor on LDCM]]>

Feb 23, 2012TIRS Passes 1st Thermal Testing

< ![CDATA[Video showing the engineers bringing TIRS out of its first round of thermal-vacuum testing.]]>

Feb 23, 2012TIRS Gets Packed to Ship

< ![CDATA[Timelapse of 92 hours as the team cleans, bags, and packs TIRS to join the rest of the spacecraft.]]>

Feb 23, 2012OLI Gets Pre-Ship Review

< ![CDATA[OLI, the Operational Land Imager, gets checked over before being shipped to Orbital Sciences Corp. in Arizona.]]>

Feb 23, 2012Landsat 7 Spacecraft Animations

< ![CDATA[Animations of Landsat 7 in orbit around the Earth.]]>

Feb 23, 2012Landsat 5 Turns 25 Years Old

< ![CDATA[In 2009, Landsat 5 completed 25 years of collecting data – 22 years beyond its design life.]]>