Communications and Public Engagement Contacts

Ginger Butcher
Landsat Communications and Public Engagement Lead
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center c/o Sigma Space
Focus: Public Outreach, Informal Education, Applications, Publications, and Partnerships

Laura Rocchio
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
 c/o Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
Focus: Landsat News, Events, History, Science, and Applications.

Mike Taylor
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
 c/o Sigma Space
Focus: Landsat Imagery, Landsat Websites, GIS, Remote Sensing


NASA Scientists

Jim Irons
Landsat 8 Project Scientist

Bruce Cook
Landsat 8 & 9 Deputy Project Scientist

Jeff Masek
Landsat 9 Project Scientist and Landsat 7 Project Scientist

If you have a specific question for one of our NASA Scientists, please direct your inquiry through any one of our Communications and Public Engagement specialists listed above.

Data Questions
The U.S. Geological Survey manages the entire Landsat data archive, if you have specific data questions, please contact USGS Customer Service at


Landsat is jointly managed by NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey

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