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Landsat Images Provided to the Disaster Charter, Dec. 2016

Dec 31, 2016Landsat Images Provided to the Disaster Charter, Dec. 2016

You can think of the Charter as a one-stop-shop for impact maps—an essential resource, since in many cases satellite data are the only practical method to assess current ground conditions after a disaster.

timelapse screenshot

Dec 27, 2016Google Earth Has Updated Its Landsat-based Timelapse

Google Earth’s Timelapse gets an update.

Heimdal Glacier

Dec 23, 2016Landsat Provides Global View of Speed of Ice

Scientists are providing a near-real-time view of every large glacier and ice sheet on Earth with Landsat 8.

map of aCDOM440

Dec 16, 2016Mapping Dissolved Organic Matter in Tropical Inland Waters with Landsat 8

Using Landsat 8 to map the colored dissolved organic matter of inland tropical waters.

volcano in iceland

Dec 16, 2016Creating a Volcanic Plume Elevation Model

Using Landsat 8 to create three-dimensional maps of volcanic ash plumes.

hardwood swamp in flordia

Dec 16, 2016Apalachicola’s Disappearing Swamp

The hardwood swamp along the Apalachicola River is slowly replaced by bottomland hardwood forest.

Uncertainty at the Forest's Edge

Dec 16, 2016Uncertainty at the Forest’s Edge

What edge effect means for U.S. southeastern forests.

soybean field

Dec 16, 2016Mappng Croplands Over the U.S. High Plains Aquifer

Using Landsat to map croplands over the U.S. High Plains Aquifer.

Yamouk River Valley

Dec 16, 2016Managing Water in Conflict-Torn Regions

Understanding the relationship between land use and river flows in the Yarmouk basin.


Dec 16, 2016Managing Brush on Western Rangelands

An approach for evaluating brush management conservation.

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