March 2006

Mar 19, 2006Landsat 7 Tests Bumper Mode Operations

Operations of Landsat 7 in bumper mode were successfully tested over several geometric calibration sites on Mar. 3 and 19. Currently, the motion of Landsat 7's scan mirror during imaging is controlled with the Scan Angle Monitor (SAM). However, [...]

Mar 16, 2006Landsat 5 TWTA Transmitter Problem Interrupts Data Acquisitions

After anĀ outgassing event, the Landsat 5 X-band transmitter prematurely shut off during a data downlink to the USGS Landsat Ground Station in Sioux Falls, SD. Specifically the backup Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier (TWTA), which is a downlink [...]

Mar 1, 2006Landsat 5 Turns 22!

On this day in 1984, Landsat 5 was launched into orbit. Today, after 22 years of service, Landsat 5 is still operational. The original design life of Landsat 5 was just three years, but it has become the longest continuously operating Earth [...]