Modeled precipitation differences
Apr 6, 2006Conducting Mesoscale Atmospheric Modeling Studies

Apr 6, 2006 • Investigating the Influence of Land Cover Changes on Regional Weather and Climate Variability Land cover datasets derived from 1992-93 Landsat TM played a key role in regional atmospheric modeling studies. Joint research by Colorado State University, (CSU), the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), and NASA has utilized the new USGS National Land […]

Landsat GeoCover mosaic of Australia.
Apr 6, 2006Assessing Carbon Stocks: The Australia National Carbon Accounting System (NCAS)

Apr 6, 2006 • Carbon dioxide and methane are both greenhouse gases that trap solar energy within the Earth’s atmosphere. Increases in the concentration of these gases since the industrial revolution have been linked to global warming. To a large degree, their future concentrations depend on the fate of Earth’s vegetated land cover. Since vegetation […]