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Apr 28, 2006USGS Seeks Federal and International LDCM Science Team Members

USGS released a request for proposals for LDCM science team members from… Read More

Landsat 7 image mosaics used in Google Earth™, top: NaturalVue™, bottom: TruEarth®.
Apr 26, 2006Landsat Data Base Map for Google Earth™

Google™ once again wowed web users worldwide with its release… Read More

Apr 21, 2006USGS Solicitation for LDCM Science Team Released

The Department of Interior (DOI) U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) recently… Read More

Landsat Island
Apr 19, 2006Landsat Island

Off the northeastern coast of Labrador, in the northern most… Read More

Apr 15, 2006Landsat 7 turns seven

On this day in 1999, Landsat 7 was launched into… Read More

Apr 11, 2006Second ALI Technology Transfer Forum Held at MIT Lincoln Labs

On Apr. 11 and 12 the second ALI Technology Transfer… Read More

Modeled precipitation differences
Apr 6, 2006Conducting Mesoscale Atmospheric Modeling Studies

Investigating the Influence of Land Cover Changes on Regional Weather… Read More

Landsat mosaic of two major West Antarctic ice streams
Apr 6, 2006Monitoring Ice Sheet Activity in Antarctica

In this article, glaciologist Dr. Robert Bindschadler describes his use… Read More

Mesopotamian marshes
Apr 6, 2006Supporting Restoration of the “Garden of Eden”: Mesopotamian Wetlands

Contributor: Jeff Masek The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) has undertaken… Read More

Landsat-derived record of increasing urbanization
Apr 6, 2006Planning for Restoration of Chesapeake Bay

Contributor: Scott Goetz After years of scientific research, policy analysis, public… Read More

Forest fire
Apr 6, 2006Quantifying Burn Severity

Contributors: TK, Jeannie Allen Through the Joint National Park Service… Read More

cattle feedlots
Apr 6, 2006Collaboration for Cancer Research

Contributor: Susan Maxwell Human health scientists have associated cancer, neurological disorders,… Read More

A farmer tending his field.
Apr 6, 2006Saving Millions in Government Dollars: Landsat Helps Fight Crop Insurance Fraud

Contributor: Laura Rocchio Farming is a risky business. A farmer… Read More

Assaf Anyamba and Major Michael Sardelis investigate possible locations of dambos in Yemen where mosquitoes may be carrying Rift Valley Fever.
Apr 6, 2006Mapping Rift Valley Fever Outbreak Risk Areas

Contributors: Assaf Anyamba with Kenneth J. Linthicum, Compton J. Tucker, Robert Mahoney,… Read More

Florida Keys coral reefs
Apr 6, 2006Mapping Coral Reefs

Not long ago, people searching for coral reefs traveled by… Read More

Landsat GeoCover mosaic of Australia.
Apr 6, 2006Assessing Carbon Stocks: The Australia National Carbon Accounting System (NCAS)

Carbon dioxide and methane are both greenhouse gases that trap… Read More

Apr 1, 2006Landsat 5 Resumes Operations: Problem With Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier Resolved

The Landsat 5 Flight Operations Team (FOT) engineers recently determined… Read More