May 31, 2006LDCM Draft Statement of Work Available

May 31, 2006 • The Draft LDCM Statement of Work is now available for review and comment. Please provide comments pertaining to the Draft LDCM Statement of Work to Patricia Dombrowski by June 14, 2006.

May 24, 2006LDCM Draft Mission Assurance Requirements Available

May 24, 2006 • The Draft Mission Assurance Requirements document is now available for review and comment. The objective of this request for comment is to solicit industry ideas for tailoring the MAR to reduce project costs and schedule without significantly impacting mission quality, safety, performance, or risk. Please provide comments pertaining to this document to Patricia Dombrowski by […]

May 11, 2006LDCM Solicits Industry Input

May 11, 2006 • The LDCM project is soliciting industry input regarding the application of the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Rules for the Design, Development, Verification and Operation of Flight Systems (GSFC-STD-1000) to the LDCM mission development. The rules and specific information regarding this request can be found on the NASA LDCM website. Please submit […]

May 10, 2006LDCM Thermal Imaging Draft Requirements Released for Comment

May 10, 2006 • NASA released an addendum to the draft LDCM Imagery Requirements document. The addendum details the imagery requirements for the LDCM thermal band option. It is available for comment and review. For more information about LDCM documentation, please visit the NASA LDCM website.

Dr. Freden with a model of Landsat 1 (1972).
May 5, 2006Meet Stan Freden

May 5, 2006 • Dr. Stan Freden played a major role in the nascent Landsat program as the project scientist for Landsats 1, 2, and 3. As project scientist, he was responsible for evaluating the performance of the Multispectral Scanner System (MSS) instrument aboard each of the satellites, evaluating the quality of the MSS data, […]

Terry Arvidson
May 3, 2006Meet Terry Arvidson

May 3, 2006 • Terry Arvidson is a Senior Project Engineer on the Landsat 7 project and she serves as the Lockheed Martin sustaining engineering lead for the satellite. In this role, she keeps close ties with the Lockheed Martin engineers who built the satellite in the event that troubleshooting a Landsat 7 problem requires […]