Jun 22, 2006Revised Draft for LDCM Thermal Imaging Option Released

The Revised Draft Imagery Requirements supplement for the thermal imaging option is now available for review and comment. The Imagery Requirements supplement is a subset of the Space Segment Requirements Document. It contains only the algorithm, spectral band, radiometry, and geometric instrument requirements. Please provide comments pertaining to this document to Patricia Dombrowski by June 30 , 2006.

Jun 22, 2006Classroom Activities

Title Description Keywords DLESE (external link)Description For Grades K-12 Mission Geography (external link) These curriculum support materials link the content, skills, and perspectives of Geography for Life: The National Geography Standards with the missions, research, and science of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). K-4: Maps, physical and human landscapes, population distribution, satellite perspective. […]

SpaceOps 2006 conference poster
Jun 21, 2006Landsat 5 Flight Operations Anomaly Team Wins Award

Jun 21, 2006 • The Landsat 5 Flight Operations Anomaly Team has won the International SpaceOps 2006 Award for Outstanding Achievement in honor of their “dedicated efforts in recovering Landsat 5 from two potentially mission-ending hardware anomalies and restoring the mission to full operations.” This award recognizes spacecraft operation specialists who make exceptional contributions to […]

Jun 21, 2006Draft LDCM Operations Concept and WRS-2 Definition Documents Available

Jun 21, 2006 • Draft versions of two LDCM reference documents, the Operations Concept document and the WRS-2 Definition document, are now available for review and comment. Please provide comments pertaining to these documents to Patricia Dombrowski by June 21, 2006.

Jun 20, 2006Two Draft LDCM Reference Documents Released

Draft versions of two LDCM requirements documents, the Space to Ground Segments Interface Requirements and the Mission Operations Element Requirements are now available. Please provide comments pertaining to these documents to Patricia Dombrowski or Faye Johnson by July 4, 2006.

false-color infrared image of U.S./Mexico border
Jun 18, 2006Tracking socioeconomic impacts on land use

Location: California-Mexico Border Source: USGS Earthshots These images show the different land use patterns of El Centro, California, and the urban area of Mexicali/Calexico on the California-Mexico border. From 1970 to 1990, these cities’ populations grew by the following amounts: El Centro: 19,272 to 31,384 (63%) Calexico: 10,625 to 18,633 (76%) Mexicali: 459,900 to 712,400 […]

Landsat TM mosaic of Minnesota made with six Landsat images
Jun 18, 2006Characterizing forest range vegetation

A mosaic of Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) images with overlays of aerial photography flightlines (N-S lines) and boundaries of physiographic strata was created to help inventory the forests of Minnesota. The image data for the project consisted of portions of six Landsat TM scenes. Data were collected between 5/29/88 and 6/14/88, with scenes along the […]

dramatic forest fires that occurred in and adjacent to Yellowstone National Park
Jun 18, 2006Assessing and monitoring grass and forest fires

Contributor: Jan van Wagtendonk, U. S. Geological Survey In recent years, wildland fires have become more intense resulting in increased loss of human life and natural resource damage. An important factor in dealing with this problem is information on the amount and condition of dry biomass on the ground, which acts as fuel that feeds […]

Estimated usable aquifer lifetime of the High Plains Aquifer on the Nebraska/Colorado border overlayed on a Landsat image.
Jun 18, 2006Assessing drought impact

Contributor: Alexander F. H. Goetz, University of Colorado at Boulder More than 10 percent of the United States’ High Plains region is made up of sand dunes and sand sheets that are currently stabilized by the natural grasses growing on them and by irrigated farming. If future climate change leads to increased temperatures and less […]

Steam from the Pu'u O'o eruption as lava enters the ocean, on the island of Hawai'i in May 2001.
Jun 18, 2006Mapping volcanic surface deposits

Contributor: Luke Flynn, University of Hawaii To understand the complex “plumbing” beneath active volcanic lave lakes and determine the amount of lava flowing from them, Luke Flynn of the University of Hawaii has been using time series of Landsat images. Much of his work has focused on the persistence of volcanic eruptions at Hawaii’s Kilauea […]

Jun 16, 2006Draft LDCM Special Calibration Test Requirements Released

A draft version of the LDCM reference documents, the Special Calibration Test Requirements (Thermal option addendum), is now available for review and comment. Please provide comments pertaining to this document to Patricia Dombrowski by June 23, 2006.

Jun 16, 2006NASA Releases ALIAS Software and Algorithm Description Documentation

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has released the Advanced Land Image Assessment System (ALIAS) software and algorithm description documentation to the public. Developed through a collaboration between NASA and USGS, the ALIAS supports radiometric and geometric image processing for the Advanced Land Imager (ALI) instrument on board NASA’s Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite. The ALIAS software […]

Jun 15, 2006Two Draft LDCM Reference Documents Released

Jun 15, 2006 • Draft versions of two LDCM reference documents, the Space Segment Requirements Document and the LDCM Lexicon Document, are now available for review and comment. Please provide comments pertaining to these documents to Patricia Dombrowski by June 28, 2006.

Icey Pier on Lake Ontario
Jun 13, 2006Landsat Semi-Annual Calibration Meeting Held

Jun 13, 2006 • NASA and USGS work jointly to insure the radiometric and geometric calibrations, both current and historical, of the Landsat 5 TM and Landsat 7 ETM+ are maintained and refined. As part of this effort, NASA funds several external teams that provide independent analyses and perform vicarious radiometric calibrations. Twice yearly, these […]

Jun 12, 2006Landsat Technical Working Group Meeting Held

Jun 12, 2006 • This year’s Landsat Technical Working Group (LTWG-15) meeting was held in Sweden May 15-19, 2006. The meeting was organized by USGS and hosted by the European Space Agency at the ESRANGE facility in Kiruna, Sweden. Participants from 12 countries including members of the Landsat project and NASA staff discussed topics that focused on […]

Jun 6, 2006Industry Input Wanted for LDCM General Environmental Verification Specification

Jun 6, 2006 • The LDCM project is soliciting industry input regarding the application of the General Environmental Verification Specification (GEVS) to the LDCM mission development. The objective of this request for comment is to solicit industry ideas for tailoring the GEVS to reduce project costs and schedule without significantly impacting mission quality, safety, performance, or risk. […]

Jun 2, 2006LDCM Draft Contract Data Requirement List Available

Jun 2, 2006 • The Draft LDCM Contract Data Requirement List (CDRL) is now available for review and comment. Please provide comments pertaining to this document to Patricia Dombrowski by June 21, 2006.