Aug 29, 2006Sam Goward to Receive 2006 USGS John Wesley Powell Award

Dr. Sam Goward, the former Landsat 7 Science Team Leader and a Professor of Geography at the University of Maryland, has been selected to receive the 2006 USGS John Wesley Powell Award. Dr. Goward has been selected to receive the award because of his role in (1) increasing public awareness of the USGS mission, (2) […]

Lake Djoudj
Aug 18, 2006Lake Djoudj, Senegal

In August 2006, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), released an atlas entitled: “Africa’s Lakes: Atlas of Our Changing Environment.” The atlas relies heavily on Landsat imagery from the past 34 years to show changes in lakes around the African continent. Above, are two Landsat images of the Djoudj Sanctuary in Senegal that are featured […]

Aug 18, 2006All Landsat 5 IGSs Online, Except One

Landsat 5, operating with its solar array in fixed position, is now downlinking data to all of its international ground stations (IGS) with the exception of Kiruna, Sweden. + Landsat 5 operating with solar array in fixed position

Aug 17, 2006Landsat 5 Operating With Solar Array in Fixed Position

After successfully battling Solar Array Drive problems over the past eight months, the Landsat 5 Flight Operations Team has transitioned the Landsat 5 satellite into operation with the solar array in a fixed position. This transition was carried out yesterday with minimum impact to the mission. As reported by USGS, “When Landsat 5 experienced problems […]

Landsat Image of the Amazon River, Brazil
Aug 1, 2006Small-Scale Logging Leads to Clear-cutting in Brazilian Amazon

Aug 1, 2006 • A NASA-funded study has discovered an important indicator of rain forest vulnerability to clear-cutting in Brazil. This five-year study is the first to quantify the relationship between selective logging, where loggers extract individual trees from the rain forest, and complete deforestation, or clear-cutting. A team of scientists, led by Greg Asner […]