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Aug 29, 2006Sam Goward to Receive 2006 USGS John Wesley Powell Award

Dr. Sam Goward, the former Landsat 7 Science Team Leader… Read More

Lake Djoudj
Aug 18, 2006Lake Djoudj, Senegal

In August 2006, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), released an atlas entitled: “Africa’s Lakes: Atlas of Our Changing Environment.” The atlas relies heavily on Landsat imagery from the past 34 years to show changes in lakes around the Read more […]

Aug 18, 2006All Landsat 5 IGSs Online, Except One

Landsat 5, operating with its solar array in fixed position,… Read More

Aug 17, 2006Landsat 5 Operating With Solar Array in Fixed Position

After successfully battling Solar Array Drive problems over the past… Read More

Landsat Image of the Amazon River, Brazil
Aug 1, 2006Small-Scale Logging Leads to Clear-cutting in Brazilian Amazon

A NASA-funded study has discovered an important indicator of rain forest vulnerability to clear-cutting in Brazil. This five-year study is the first to quantify the relationship between selective logging, where loggers extract individual trees Read more […]