mudtrails from trawlers in the Gulf of Mexico
May 31, 2007Landsat Data Show Trawler “Mudtrails”

May 31, 2007 • Researchers from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment and the University of British Columbia’s Fisheries Center are using high- and mid-resolution remote sensing data to better understand the global impact of the fishing industry’s trawling practices. The large plumes of sediment, or “mudtrails” produced by trawlers as they dredge the […]

May 29, 2007Landsat Part of NASA’s IPY Cutting-Edge Polar Exploration and Research

NASA has announced the selection of 33 scientific investigations which have been funded to study the polar regions of Earth as part of the objectives of the International Polar Year (IPY). Three of these scientific investigations will utilized Landsat data. Landsat will help researches look at glacier distribution in part of the Asian Arctic Basin, […]

May 25, 2007USGS Pilot Project Makes High-Quality Landsat Data Available for Download

Source: USGS As of June 4, 2007, the USGS will be releasing selected Landsat 7 image data of the United States through the Web ( or These data are of high quality with limited cloud cover. This Web-enabled distribution of new and recently acquired data is a pilot project for the Landsat Data Continuity Mission […]

May 23, 2007Michigan State University Uses Landsat to Monitor Global Climate Change

Source: Walter Chomentowski, Global Observatory for Ecosystem Services, Michigan State University Scientists at Michigan State University’s Global Observatory for Ecosystem Services – or GOES – have a treasure trove of resources many of their peers would envy. Funded by NASA, these scientists rely on more than three decades of accumulated data for their research in tropical […]

May 16, 2007USGS Landsat Newsletter Published

The USGS Landsat Newsletter (vol. 1, issue 1, 2007) has been published on the USGS Landsat website. Its content includes: Landsat Science Team Meeting held January 9-11, 2007 Landsat in Everyday Places USGS Acquisition Strategy for Ground System Segments LDCM Operational Land Imager (OLI) Proposals in Review Image Spotlight Landsat 5 Radiometric Calibration Conferences Did You Know? […]

Science magazine compiled list of Earth-observing satellites
May 15, 2007Rainforest Monitoring Improved by Data Fusion

In late April, Science magazine reported that Brazil is a world leader in tropical forest monitoring thanks to their use of data from a number of Earth-observing satellites. Brazil’s Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (National Institute for Space Research, INPE) uses data from Terra’s MODIS sensor to create weekly alerts of clear-cutting activity. While annually, […]

May 14, 2007LTWG-16 Meeting Held in Brazil

Contributor: Terry Arvidson The 16th Landsat Technical Working Group (LTWG) meeting was held in Brazil May 14-18, 2007. The meeting was organized by USGS and hosted by the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE) in São José dos Campos, Brazil. International Cooperator representatives from 9 countries and members of the USGS Landsat project and NASA […]

May 14, 2007NASA Awards LDCM Accommodation Study

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Rapid Spacecraft Development Office (RSDO) awarded delivery orders to four contractors for the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) Spacecraft Accommodation Study on April 30. “The LDCM project is excited about working with industry during this initial phase of the spacecraft procurement,” said Bill Ochs, LDCM project manager. Delivery orders for […]

May 10, 2007“The Planet NASA Needs to Explore”

An editorial in today’s Washington Post warns that NASA’s budgetary shift away from Earth science priorities is perilous for our understanding of global warming and its impacts. The piece, authored by the director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the Oregon State University dean of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, and the acting director of Woods Hole […]

southern tip of Madagascar
May 9, 2007Forest Trends in Madagascar

May 9, 2007 • A recently released study provides evidence that social dictums influence the stability of tropical dry forests more than proximate population density. Often, it is assumed that a rising local population means rising pressure on forest resources. However, a team of Swedish and Malagasy researchers found that social dictums can trump the […]

May 8, 2007Landsat Image Presented to Queen Elizabeth II

In a historical event for NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Queen Elizabeth II of England visited the NASA campus on May 8, 2007. One of the many diplomatic gifts presented to the Queen was a poster commemorating John Smith’s voyage of discovery in 1607 using data from Landsat 7, MODIS, and EO-1. About the poster: On December […]

May 4, 2007Landsat at the Biennial George Wright Society Conference

Rethinking Protected Areas in a Changing World • April 16-20, 2007, St. Paul, MN The George Wright Society (GWS) is a nonprofit association of researchers, managers, administrators, educators, and other professionals who work on behalf of the scientific and heritage values of protected areas. Every two years, The George Wright Society organizes and is the primary […]

May 2, 2007Landsat Education Specialist at the AAG meeting

The NASA Landsat project sent an education/outreach specialist, Jeannie Allen, SSAI, to the Association of American Geographers annual meeting on April 17 to give a presentation on “Integrating Remote Sensing with Geography Education.” Both geography and land remote sensing depend on spatial thinking, skills, and technologies. Allen made the case that given the increasing availability […]