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Feb 29, 2008Landsat 5 Satellite Back in Action

Source: Ron Beck, USGS The earth imaging satellite Landsat 5 is… Read More

Feb 26, 2008Landsat Used to Quantify Sumatran Deforestation and Elephant Peril

The World Wildlife Federation released a report this week warning… Read More

Miller Senate Office Building, Annapolis, MD
Feb 21, 2008Landsat Part of Goddard Day in Annapolis, MD

The Landsat Project Science Office participated in the Goddard Day… Read More

Virginia fire
Feb 15, 2008Recent Virginia Wildfires Captured by Landsat 7 Satellite

Source: USGS Approximately 6,000 acres of burned area is visible from… Read More

Feb 10, 2008Establishing Historical Land Cover

USGS and NASA researchers teamed together in a highly ambitious… Read More

Feb 8, 2008Earth Science and the FY09 Budget

The FY09 budget included many nods to Earth observing satellites… Read More

Feb 1, 2008Landsat Tracks Down A Pesky Weed in Australia

Source: Minister for Primary Industries and Fisheries, Australia Queensland scientists… Read More