Feb 29, 2008Landsat 5 Satellite Back in Action

Source: Ron Beck, USGS The earth imaging satellite Landsat Read more […]

Feb 26, 2008Landsat Used to Quantify Sumatran Deforestation and Elephant Peril

The World Wildlife Federation released a report this week Read more […]

Miller Senate Office Building, Annapolis, MD
Feb 21, 2008Landsat Part of Goddard Day in Annapolis, MD

The Landsat Project Science Office participated in the Read more […]

Virginia fire
Feb 15, 2008Recent Virginia Wildfires Captured by Landsat 7 Satellite

Source: USGS Approximately 6,000 acres of burned Read more […]

Feb 10, 2008Establishing Historical Land Cover

USGS and NASA researchers teamed together in a highly Read more […]

Feb 8, 2008Earth Science and the FY09 Budget

The FY09 budget included many nods to Earth observing satellites Read more […]

Feb 1, 2008Landsat Tracks Down A Pesky Weed in Australia

Source: Minister for Primary Industries and Fisheries, Australia Queensland Read more […]