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coral reef map
Mar 31, 2009Landsat Used to Map Persian Gulf Coral Reefs

Contributor: Rashmi De Roy, World Wildlife Foundation In 2006, the… Read More

Mar 19, 2009USGS Landsat Project Update Available

The latest issue of the USGS Landsat Project Update is… Read More

Mar 18, 2009Landsat Data Featured in NASA’s Unique Movie About Frozen Earth

Contributors: Steve Cole and Sarah DeWitt NASA has created a… Read More

Mar 13, 2009Landsat and iGETT at the 2009 ASPRS Meeting

Contributor: Jeannie Allen Landsat’s Education and Public Outreach staff gave… Read More

Tom Loveland
Mar 5, 2009Loveland Reflects on Landsat Program

Landsat Data Continuity Mission USGS Project Scientist, Dr. Tom Loveland,… Read More

Mar 3, 2009Designed for 3 years, ‘workhorse’ satellite completes 25

Contributor: Douglas Spencer and Ron Beck, USGS Outliving its expected… Read More

Landsat 5 launching on March 1, 1984 from Vandenberg AFB
Mar 1, 2009Earth Observing Landsat 5 Turns 25

132,969 … 132,970 … 132,971. Like a trusty watch counting… Read More