May 2009

Jeannie Allen
May 31, 2009Landsat Part of Maryland’s Place in Space Expo

The Landsat Education and Outreach team participated in the Maryland's Place in Space Expo at the Baltimore Convention Center on Saturday, May 31. Thousands of Marylanders attended the event. The Landsat booth provided opportunities to speak [...]

May 14, 2009Landsat Calibration Working Group Held

Courtesy of Brian Markham The Landsat Calibration Working Group held their most recent semi-annual meeting at the USGS EROS facility in Sioux Falls, SD on May 12–13, 2009. USGS/EROS Image Assessment System (IAS), NASA/GSFC LPSO, South Dakota [...]

May 12, 2009Landsat Helps Researchers Measure Snowmelt

Source: Amber Jenkins, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Water is constantly being moved about our planet. The water, or hydrologic, cycle describes how water changes from liquid to solid to vapor and how it is stored in a variety of places: under the [...]

Terry Arvidson
May 2, 2009Landsat at Space Day

The Landsat Education and Outreach team participated in Space Day at the National Air and Space Museum on Saturday, May 2. At this perennial favorite event, thousands of visitors enjoy hands-on activities, meet astronauts and authors, and [...]