Jun 25, 2009Landsat Science Team Meeting Held

The Landsat Science Team Meeting was held at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Center for Imaging Science in Rochester, New York between June 22–24, 2009. The meeting’s agenda included: working group reports (global archive consolidation, data gap, future missions, surface reflectance/temperature, gridded data, and cloud masks); science team reports; and Landsat 5, 7, and […]

Jun 24, 2009Landsat Looks at Land Use Trends Around Mobile Bay

Jun 24, 2009 • A recent NASA Technical Report from Stennis Space Center has used Landsat data to document land use changes in Alabama’s Mobile Bay watershed between 1972 and 2008. Over those 36 years, researchers found a 55 percent increase in urban areas. The urban expansion mainly occurred in regions which were formerly covered […]

Jun 12, 2009Forest Changes in the U.S. Southwest

In a recent study published in Remote Sensing of Environment, Landsat science team member James Vogelmann and colleagues have used Landsat data collected between 1988 and 2006 to assess forest changes in New Mexico’s Santa Fe National Forest. Beginning in 1995, they observed gradual spectral property changes of conifer stands in the region which correlated with forest health […]

Jun 3, 2009Scientists Use Landsat to Assess Potential Impacts of Ocean Acidification

In a new study published in the Marine Ecology Progress Series, scientists have used Landsat 7 data to assess coral reef productivity and calcification in Florida’s northern reef tract (northeast of the Florida Keys). Landsat data were used to evaluate the distribution and spatial extent of five reef habitats in the area. Then, by coupling the habitat information […]

Emperor penguins
Jun 2, 2009Scientists Map Penguins From Space with Landsat

Source: Athena Dinar & Linda Capper, British Antarctic Survey Penguin poo (guano) stains, visible from space, have helped British scientists locate emperor penguin breeding colonies in Antarctica. Knowing their location provides a baseline for monitoring their response to environmental change. In a new study, published this week in the journal Global Ecology and Biogeography, scientists […]

Jun 1, 2009USGS Landsat Project Update Available

The latest issue of the USGS Landsat Project Update is available on the USGS Landsat website. The 2009, Volume 3 Issue 3, includes the following articles: + Using the Landsat Archive + 25 Years of Landsat 5—Keeping the Spacecraft Orbiting Correctly + Landsat Free Archive—Commonly Asked Questions + Landsat Science Team Spotlight—Dr. Darrel Williams + Special Recognition—Dr. Thomas Loveland Receives Prestigious […]