Feb 25, 2010Landsat Helps Assess Crop Water Productivity

Feb 25, 2010 • Xueliang Cai and Landsat Science Team member, Prasad Thenkabail, have used satellite data, including Landsat, to calculate crop water productivity, i.e. how much water is used for crop production—the so called “crop per drop.” Details of their research are available on the SPIE website [external link]. Reference: Cai, X. and P. Thenkabail (2010). Using […]

Feb 23, 2010Deforestation Driven by 21st Century Urbanites

Feb 23, 2010 • A recently published Nature Geoscience article by Ruth DeFries et al. reveals that urban pressures (for food and resources) have replaced subsistence farmers as the leading driver of tropical deforestation this century. The study used MODIS and Landsat data to analyze 98 percent of the world’s tropical forests between 2000 and 2005. Correlations […]

Land cover in the York, PA region
Feb 22, 2010Landsat Images Offer Clearer Picture of Changes in Chesapeake Watershed

Feb 22, 2010 • Images taken from satellites more than 400 miles above the Earth’s surface are bringing land-cover changes throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed into tighter focus. The images, which capture tracts as small as 30 square meters, offer a surprising picture of some trends in land cover. For instance, they indicate that the […]

Feb 22, 2010Landsat in the President’s NASA FY11 Budget Request

The President’s NASA Fiscal Year 2011 budget request is now available online. The Earth Science portion of the budget includes information about the Landsat project. Key information is excerpted below. For full details see the FY11 NASA Earth Science Budget Request (PDF). Project Descriptions and Explanation of Changes: Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) The Landsat Data Continuity […]

Feb 19, 2010USGS Landsat Update

The USGS Landsat Update, Volume 4 Issue 2 is now available. Updates include: + Landsat 5 Anomaly + LDCM News – Launch Date Confirmed! + New Bulk Download Tool Available for Landsat Data + Meetings & Conferences – LGSOWG # 38 Held in Berlin + Tips & Tricks –How to create an RGB image using ArcMap and Remove Black Fill […]

semi-circular curve of the Vichada River
Feb 16, 2010Landsat Helps Identify South America’s Largest Meteor Impact Crater

Argentinian geologist, Max Rocca, used Landsat data to find an massive impact crater in Columbia. By viewing large online mosaics of Landsat data available from Stennis Space Flight Center, Rocca noticed a curious semi-circular curve of the Vichada River as it made its way to the Orinoco River. With further analysis, Rocca discovered a 20-km circular […]

Feb 11, 2010Landsat 4–7 Thermal Data to be Resampled to 30 Meters

Source: USGS Commercial software has difficulty aligning the 30 meter multispectral data of Landsats 4-7 with the dissimilar thermal pixel sizes. This forces users of the Landsat thermal band to resample data. To remedy this issue, the USGS will set the pixel size for all thermal data at 30 meters as of February 25, 2010. + More […]

Feb 1, 2010President’s FY 2011 Budget for USGS Includes LDCM Funding

Source: USGS In a fiscally responsible budget that emphasizes cost containment, management efficiencies and program savings, the President’s proposed $1.1 billion budget for the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in fiscal year 2011 reflects his commitment to use science as the basis for natural resource management decisions. “Science is a cornerstone for sound decision making,” said Marcia […]