Feb 25, 2010Landsat Helps Assess Crop Water Productivity

Feb 25, 2010 • Xueliang Cai and Landsat Science Team member, Prasad Thenkabail, have used satellite data, including Landsat, to calculate crop water productivity, i.e. how much water is used for crop production—the so called “crop per drop.” Details of their research are available on the SPIE website [external link]. Reference: Cai, X. and P. Thenkabail (2010). Using […]

Land cover in the York, PA region
Feb 22, 2010Landsat Images Offer Clearer Picture of Changes in Chesapeake Watershed

Feb 22, 2010 • Images taken from satellites more than 400 miles above the Earth’s surface are bringing land-cover changes throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed into tighter focus. The images, which capture tracts as small as 30 square meters, offer a surprising picture of some trends in land cover. For instance, they indicate that the […]