Apr 26, 2010USGS Landsat Project Update Available

The latest issue of the USGS Landsat Project Update is available on the USGS Landsat website. The 2010, Volume 4 Issue 3, includes the following articles: + Landsat 5 Acquisition Plan: Modifications to be Made + Stewart Udall, Grandfather of the Landsat Mission + Landsat Thermal Band Pixel Size Change + Calibration Update to ETM+ Thermal Band + Landsat Science Team […]

Apr 22, 2010Landsat Helps NASA, Park Service Promote Climate Science Education

Source: Rob Gutro and Jeffrey G. Olson A team from NASA, the National Park Service, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today marked the 40th anniversary of Earth Day by launching the first of three interactive, educational climate science activities on the National Park Service WebRangers site. The series introduces young people to climate change […]

Apr 15, 2010Landsat 7 Turns 11

On this day in 1999, Landsat 7 was launched into orbit. Landsat 7 is the considered the most accurately calibrated Earth-observing satellite, i.e., its measurements are extremely accurate when compared to the same measurements made on the ground. Landsat 7’s excellent data quality, consistent global archiving scheme, and free data are hallmarks of its impressive […]

Apr 6, 2010Modification to Landsat 5’s Acquisition Plan

Source: USGS Landsat Project During Landsat 5’s first 25 years, the Thematic Mapper (TM) sensor acquired data over assigned ground stations regardless of cloud cover or season. This resulted in the collection of significant numbers of TM scenes unsuitable for analysis. In order to maximize the life of the components on the spacecraft, the U.S. Geological […]

Apr 2, 2010Dr. Jeff Masek Named NASA Landsat Project Scientist

Source: The Earth Observer Jeff Masek has been named the NASA Landsat Project Scientist—replacing Darrel Wiliams who recently retired from NASA—he had been serving as Deputy Project Scientist for LDCM since 2002. Masek is a Research Scientist in the Biospheric Sciences Branch at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center whose research interests include mapping land-cover change in temperate environments, […]