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Forest height in southern Eleuthera
Jul 31, 2010Landsat Time Series Used to Map Tropical Dry Forest Height

A team of researchers led by Landsat Science Team member… Read More

Jul 30, 2010Technical Paper: The Thermal Infrared Sensor on LDCM

A team of scientists presented a technical paper explaining the… Read More

Map of Antarctica's Landmass
Jul 22, 2010Most Accurate Map of Antarctica’s Landmass Made From Landsat Data

Antarctica may not be the world’s largest landmass — it’s… Read More

Jul 15, 2010Thune Amendment For Continued NASA-USGS Landsat Coordination

U.S. Senator John Thune had an amendment accepted today by… Read More

Giuliano Guimaraes examines a fallen tree
Jul 13, 2010Study Using Landsat Finds Amazon Storm Killed Half a Billion Trees

A single, huge, violent storm that swept across the whole… Read More