August 2010

Aug 28, 2010Root of the Matter: A New Map Shows Decline of Life-Saving Forests

Contributor: Gretchen Cook-Anderson, NASA‘s Earth Science News Team Countless people clung to life in the branches of trees hemming the shorelines during the deadly 2004 tsunami that killed more than 230,000 coastal residents in Indonesia, [...]

Savernaya Zemlya, Russian Arctic Islands
Aug 25, 2010Landsat-Based Publication Shows Glaciers Retreating in Asia

Source: Jessica Robertson and Jane Ferrigno, USGS Many of Asia’s glaciers are retreating as a result of climate change. This retreat impacts water supplies to millions of people, increases the likelihood of outburst floods that threaten life and [...]

Aug 25, 2010MSS Transition to LPGS Processing

Source: USGS Landsat Mission Website The Landsat project will begin processing MSS data on the Level-1 Product Generation System (LPGS) on September 15, 2010. This is the same system that creates TM and ETM+ products, and there will be increased [...]

Aug 24, 2010Hurricane Katrina: A NASA Satellite Video Retrospective

Landsat is featured in a NASA video retrospective on Hurricane Katrina showing the storm as captured by NASA satellites. Further Information: + Hurricane Katrina: A NASA Satellite Video Retrospective + Forests Damaged by Hurricane Katrina Become [...]

A portion of the map showing mangrove forests distributions of the world.
Aug 18, 2010Landsat Enables World’s Most Comprehensive Mangrove Assessment

The most definitive map of Earth’s mangrove forests has been created with Landsat data. A group of scientists, led by Chandra Giri from USGS-EROS, has calculated that approximately 53,190 square miles (137, 760 km²) of mangroves exists, 12.3 [...]

Aug 9, 2010A Landsat Milestone: Three Million Free Scenes Distributed

USGS EROS has distributed over three million scenes for free via the internet since October 1, 2008. Source: + USGS Landsat website