Sep 30, 2011Tracking Change Over Time

USGS has released a new educational product, titled: “Tracking Change Over Time.” The product is intended for students in grades 5–8. As USGS explains: “Landsat satellites capture images of Earth from space—and have since 1972. These images provide a long-term record of natural and human-induced changes on the global landscape. Comparing images from multiple years […]

Sep 28, 2011Interview with Landsat Science Team Member

Landsat Science Team member and Ash award winner Rick Allen interviewed in the Twin Falls Times-News. Further Information: + Twin Falls Times-News ( article

Bill Nye
Sep 8, 2011Bill Nye the Science Guy is Introduced to Landsat

The Landsat Project Scientist, Jeff Masek, discussed NASA’s Earth Science Program with Bill Nye the Science Guy during Mr. Nye’s recent visit to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Dr. Masek presented and explained a sequence of Landsat images (projected on a hyperwall) that dramatically track deforestation and recovery in Washington State in the area surrounding […]

Sep 2, 2011Landsat Images Illustrate Flooding from Irene in New York State

Sep 2, 2011 • Remnants of Hurricane Irene caused heavy flooding, as shown in thisAugust 31 Landsat 5 image, in the hamlet of Pine Island in the town of Warwick (Orange County), New York. Sometimes called “the drowned lands” (long before Irene), the fertile black dirt region is the remains of a great shallow lake […]

Sediments seen in New York Harbor post-Irene
Sep 1, 2011Landsat 5 Images the Eastern Seaboard After Irene

On August 31, 2011 Landsat 5 orbited over the U.S. Eastern seaboard capturing imagery of regions affected by Hurricane Irene from New York to the Carolinas. Irene’s heavy rains caused sediment-laden run-off to enter the streams and rivers in her path. The rivers then dumped their sediment-heavy water into bays and sounds that then carried […]