March 2012

Saudi Arabia fields
Mar 29, 2012Fields of Green Spring up in Saudi Arabia

The green fields that dot the desert draw on water that in part was trapped during the last Ice Age. In addition to rainwater that fell over several hundred thousand years, this fossil water filled aquifers that are now buried deep under the [...]

Mar 22, 2012World Water Day

• Water is an essential resource for food cultivation. With 7 billion humans to feed, efficiently managing the planet's water supply is essential. On March 22, 2012 the UN celebrates World Water Day.The Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS) on [...]

Mar 21, 2012USGS Landsat Update – Volume 6 Issue 1, 2012 now available

The USGS Landsat Update is now available. Articles include: USGS EROS Welcomes New Director Landsat 5 Suspension of Operations Extended Landsat Metadata Changes Upcoming Meetings Tips and Tricks – EarthExplorer Bulk Download EROS Authors Read [...]

Mar 15, 2012Looking for a Science Team

The USGS has released a solicitation for a new Landsat Science Team on the Federal Business Opportunities website. The selected science team will conduct research on issues pertinent to Landsat and help to better inform decisions about the [...]

Mar 14, 2012USGS Landsat Project Update 5.1 Available

The USGS Landsat Project Update Vol. 5 Issue 1, 2011 is now available. Articles include: MSS Data Products now created with LPGS processing system A Landsat Milestone: Four Million Scenes Too Close for Comfort Meetings and Conferences Tips Read [...]

Mar 8, 2012Landsat Data Continuity Concepts

The USGS released a Request for Information for Landsat Data Continuity Concepts at the Federal Business Opportunities website. The RFI's objective is to explore potential approaches for providing a cost-efficient, dependable, long-term source [...]

spacecraft at Orbital Science Corp.
Mar 8, 2012LDCM Family Portrait

Related Links: + Details on LDCM Spacecraft & Instruments + NASA LDCM website + Landsat Data Continuity Mission Read more [...]

Mar 8, 2012A Space Age Water Gauge

< ![CDATA[Landsat data is an impartial tool to allocate precious water resources]]>

Mar 8, 2012Evapotranspiration From Landsat

< ![CDATA[Thermal infrared data from Landsat is used to determine how much water is used in a farm field]]>

Mar 8, 2012Evaporation and Transpiration

< ![CDATA[An illustration explaining the process of evapotranspiration.]]>

Las Vegas in 2010
Mar 7, 2012What Doesn’t Stay in Vegas? Sprawl

• The city of Las Vegas, Nevada has undergone a massive growth spurt. An image series, created in honor of Landsat 5's twenty-eighth birthday, shows the city sprawling across the desert over time.Data from the expansion of Las Vegas was [...]

Mar 5, 2012Jakobshavn Glacier, Greenland

< ![CDATA[Greenland’s largest outlet glacier has receded over 40km since 1850]]>

Mar 5, 2012Three Gorges Dam, China

< ![CDATA[See the impact of the giant Three Gorges dam on the Yellow River.]]>

LGSOWG-40 Meeting
Mar 1, 2012Update from LGSOWG-40 Meeting

Contributor: Steven T. Labahn, USGS This year's Landsat Ground Station Operators Working Group (LGSOWG#40) meeting was hosted by Indonesia's National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) in Bali, Indonesia from January 30–February 3, [...]

AAG logo
Mar 1, 2012Landsat at the Association of American Geographers Meeting

Several NASA and USGS scientists gave Landsat presentations at the 2012 Association of American Geographers (AAG) annual meeting held in New York City February 24-28th.The Landsat program was first highlighted at the meeting in a plenary session [...]

Landsat 5 Turns 28
Mar 1, 2012Landsat 5 Turns 28

On this day in 1984, Landsat 5 was launched into orbit. So today marks 28 years in orbit for Landsat 5. At 1:30p EDT Landsat 5 entered its 148,932nd orbit around Earth. She's traveled more than 6.7 billion km—greater than the distance between [...]