Jun 28, 2012“Mud Island”

Jun 28, 2012 • Poplar Island rises out of the Chesapeake Bay as it’s rebuilt by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers using dredged mud from the Baltimore Harbor which lies about 30 miles (about 48 kilometers) north of the island. In these Landsat images, the dikes that contain the mud and hold it in […]

Jorge Guarin and Ben Jose
Jun 27, 2012NASA-Funded Partnership Bringing Internship and Research Opportunities to Tribal Colleges

Source: Francina Garcia, Tohono O’odham Community College Jun 27, 2012 • Both this summer and last, the Landsat project participated in a geospatial technologies workshop for tribal college faculty and students which is part of the NASA Tribal College and University Program (TCUP). This year, LDCM project scientist Jim Irons gave a presentation on Landsat and […]

Chesapeake Bay region
Jun 19, 2012EarthSky Interview with Peter Claggett: Seeing Chesapeake Bay Changes with Landsat

Jun 19, 2012 • Satellite images show big changes happening to Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the U.S., where freshwater meets the sea. Peter Claggett is a research geographer with the U.S. Geological Survey’s Eastern Geographic Science Center. Claggett’s team tracks changes in Chesapeake Bay using data from the Landsat program of Earth-observing satellites. […]

forest in Gabon, Africa
Jun 18, 2012Landsat Sets the Standard for Maps of World’s Forests

Jun 18, 2012 • NASA’s Earth-observing fleet of satellites provides a worldwide and unbiased view with standardized scientific data—information crucial for tracking the health of the world’s forests. Countries like Brazil are using data from NASA satellites to track and measure their forests in advance of a United Nations effort to reduce climate change by […]

Jun 12, 2012UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space holds special panel on the 40th anniversary of Landsat

Jun 12, 2012 • Peace, may not be the first thing that comes to mind when people think about satellites, but for the United Nations (UN), one satellite has been contributing to countries from around the world working side-by-side for almost 40 years. The United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space held […]

Ganges River Delta
Jun 8, 2012Best of ‘Earth As Art’: A Contest to Celebrate 40 Years of Landsat

Jun 8, 2012 • During a span of 40 years, since 1972, the Landsat series of Earth observation satellites has become a vital reference worldwide for understanding scientific issues related to land use and natural resources. To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Landsat, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and NASA would like your help in […]

Jun 6, 2012Landsat 7 Back on Track

Source: USGS Landsat Mission Jun 6, 2012 • In late April, Landsat 7 had to move away from a piece of oncoming space debris. This sent Landsat 7 westward out of its nominal reference orbit. In May, the Flight Operations Team conducted a maneuver to push the spacecraft back east. As of Tuesday, June 5, Landsat […]

Jun 4, 2012Aging Landsat 5 Changes Glasses At 28: Vintage Satellite Finds New Life with Alternate Imaging System

Source: USGS Jun 4, 2012 • Landsat 5 has orbited Earth over 150,000 times since it was launched in 1984, making it the longest-operating Earth observing satellite of its kind. During this time, two data collection instruments onboard Landsat 5—the thematic mapper (TM) and the multispectral scanner (MSS)—have transmitted over five million images of land conditions […]