Jul 31, 2012New NASA Supercomputer Facility Set to Advance Earth Research

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Jul 31, 2012New Way to Explore Landsat Data

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Dr. Mike Freilich
Jul 30, 2012Congressional Briefing on Landsat

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Sen. Mark Udall
Jul 25, 2012Sen. Mark Udall Recognizes Landsat’s 40th Anniversary

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LandsatLook Viewer
Jul 24, 2012Introducing the LandsatLook Viewer

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Landsat at 40 news conference
Jul 24, 2012Celebrating Landsat’s 40th

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Landsat 1 ready to launch
Jul 23, 201240 Years of Earth Observation: From the Beginning

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Landsat at 40 logo
Jul 23, 2012Landsat at 40: The Long View of Earth from Space

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Jul 23, 2012The Longest Continuous View of Earth From Space Hits 40

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Jul 23, 2012My American Landscape (Bibliographies)

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Landsat Top 10
Jul 23, 2012Landsat Top 10

Landsat has been capturing change for 40 years. NASA and U.S. Geological Survey scientists chose 10 of the most significant images to showcase this mission’s valuable returns.

City 'Change Pairs' from Landsat
Jul 23, 2012City ‘Change Pairs’ from Landsat

The Landsat program has seen a literal world of changes in its 40 years of observing Earth. This interactive compares “before and after” views of some of those changes.

American Landscapes
Jul 23, 2012American Landscapes

NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey selected six out of 172 submissions from the American public and created customized Landsat chronicles of changing local landscapes.

The Longest Continuous View of Earth from Space Hits 40
Jul 23, 2012The Longest Continuous View of Earth from Space Hits 40

NASA and the Interior Department Monday marked the 40th anniversary of the Landsat program, the world’s longest-running Earth-observing satellite program.

Top Five 'Earth as Art' Winners
Jul 23, 2012Top Five ‘Earth as Art’ Winners

Beyond the scientific information they supply, some Landsat images are simply striking to look at, presenting spectacular views of mountains, valleys, and islands as well as forests, grasslands, and agricultural patterns.

Jul 19, 2012Landsat at 40: The Long View of Earth from Space (Media Advisory)

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Landsat Looks and Sees
Jul 19, 2012Landsat Looks and Sees

The Landsat program is the longest continuous global record of Earth observations from space — ever.

Jul 17, 2012Briefing to Celebrate 40 Years of Continuous Earth Observations

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TIRS being hoisted
Jul 16, 2012Landsat Data Continuity Mission Becomes an Observatory

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Jul 12, 2012Australia Signs Historic Partnership Deal for Satellite Access

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