Soybean Crops in Brazil / Paraguay
Aug 29, 2012Landsat Adds Tremendous Value to Decision-Making and Bottom Line

Dr. Stephanie Hulina, President of Geospatial Data Analysis Corporation (GDA Corp) discusses how access to free Landsat imagery from USGS enables her business to provide value-added products to her company’s clients. The long-term continuity of […]

Shemya Island
Aug 29, 2012Analyzing Landsat to Mitigate Bird/Aircraft Collisions

The presence of birds near an aircraft runway is a constant concern. Although deadly crashes are rare, a bird strike to the windshield can cause visibility issues for pilots, and strikes to jet engines can cause engine failure. Flocks of birds are […]

Aug 29, 2012USGS Landsat Update – Volume 6 Issue 3, 2012 now available

Aug. 29, 2012 • The USGS Landsat Update is now available. Articles include: Landsat 40th Anniversary The LandsatLook Viewer Now Available Landsat Stories – The Uses and Benefits of Landsat Data Upcoming Meetings Tips and Tricks – […]

HOBI award
Aug 28, 2012Landsat Data Bit by Bit: What Goes into Getting it Right

The great strength of Landsat data is its long record, the ability to look at our planet over the past 40 years and see what changes man and nature have wrought. Some change is visually staggering such as large tracks of deforestation or center-pivot […]

Dr. Martha Anderson, research scientist, USDA
Aug 26, 2012Mapping Water Use from Space

[Source: Library of Congress] Dr. Martha Anderson, research scientist, USDA, talks about using images from the Landsat satellite program to monitor water use and drought on U.S. farms with pinpoint accuracy to measure evapotranspiration, the total […]

Aug 24, 2012Landsat Metadata Release Moves Forward

Source: USGS Landsat Mission Aug. 24, 2012 • A large metadata and file name update will be released on August 29, 2012. All access to Landsat data will be down for the day, with a return on August 30th. You can still view full resolution images […]

Khumbu ice fall
Aug 23, 2012New Study Maps Himalayan Glacier Behavior

Source: European Space Agency Aug. 23, 2012 • Glaciers are one of the largest reservoirs of freshwater on our planet, and their melting or growing is one of the best indicators of climate change. However, knowledge of glacier change has been […]

Aug 22, 2012Thermal Detector Technology Used on TIRS

Source: NASA GSFC @ YouTube •  All objects emit infrared radiation and the characteristics of the infrared radiation are primarily dependent on the temperature of the object. One of the unique features of the new Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector […]

Landsat Data Continuity Mission Environmental Testing is Underway
Aug 22, 2012Landsat Data Continuity Mission Environmental Testing is Underway

Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) Observatory Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMI/EMC) testing is underway at Orbital Sciences Corporation’s Gilbert, Ariz., location.

LDCM in environmental testing
Aug 21, 2012LDCM in Environmental Testing

• The Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) is currently undergoing Environmental Testing. For the next two weeks, the LDCM observatory will be in ElectroMagnetic Interference /ElectroMagnetic Compatibility testing. EMI/EMC testing is designed […]

Aug 20, 2012Landsat Shows Yellowstone Burn Recovery

A combination of lightning, drought and human activity caused fires to scorch more than one-third of Yellowstone National Park in the summer of 1988. Within a year, burn scars cast a sharp outline on the 793,880 acres affected by fire, distinguishing […]

Aug 10, 2012New Landsat Filenames and Metadata Updates to be Released

Source: USGS Landsat Mission On August 21, 2012, all newly processed Landsat data will have updated filenames and metadata to better align all 40 years of Landsat data and to prepare for new data from the Landsat Data Continuity Mission that is scheduled […]

Precipitation patterns of Tibetan Plateau
Aug 8, 2012Changing Precipitation Patterns Impacting Tibetan Plateau Glaciers

In the July issue of Nature Climate Change, Tandong Yao and colleagues report on the changing status of Tibetan Plateau glaciers over the past three decades. Using an array of data sources including Landsat (MSS, TM, and ETM+), the researchers […]