Soybean Crops in Brazil / Paraguay
Aug 29, 2012Landsat Adds Tremendous Value to Decision-Making and Bottom Line

Dr. Stephanie Hulina, President of Geospatial Data Read more […]

Shemya Island
Aug 29, 2012Analyzing Landsat to Mitigate Bird/Aircraft Collisions

The presence of birds near an aircraft runway is a Read more […]

Aug 29, 2012USGS Landsat Update – Volume 6 Issue 3, 2012 now available

Aug. 29, 2012 • The USGS Landsat Update is now available. Read more […]

HOBI award
Aug 28, 2012Landsat Data Bit by Bit: What Goes into Getting it Right

The great strength of Landsat data is its long record, Read more […]

Dr. Martha Anderson, research scientist, USDA
Aug 26, 2012Mapping Water Use from Space

[Source: Library of Congress] Dr. Martha Anderson, research Read more […]

Aug 24, 2012Landsat Metadata Release Moves Forward

Source: USGS Landsat Mission Aug. 24, 2012 • A large Read more […]

Khumbu ice fall
Aug 23, 2012New Study Maps Himalayan Glacier Behavior

Source: European Space Agency Aug. 23, 2012 • Glaciers Read more […]

Aug 22, 2012Thermal Detector Technology Used on TIRS

Source: NASA GSFC @ YouTube •  All objects Read more […]

Landsat Data Continuity Mission Environmental Testing is Underway
Aug 22, 2012Landsat Data Continuity Mission Environmental Testing is Underway

Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) Observatory Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMI/EMC) testing is underway at Orbital Sciences Corporation’s Gilbert, Ariz., location.

LDCM in environmental testing
Aug 21, 2012LDCM in Environmental Testing

• The Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) Read more […]

Aug 20, 2012Landsat Shows Yellowstone Burn Recovery

A combination of lightning, drought and human activity Read more […]

Aug 10, 2012New Landsat Filenames and Metadata Updates to be Released

Source: USGS Landsat Mission On August 21, 2012, all Read more […]

Precipitation patterns of Tibetan Plateau
Aug 8, 2012Changing Precipitation Patterns Impacting Tibetan Plateau Glaciers

In the July issue of Nature Climate Change, Tandong Read more […]