Apr 26, 2013Landsat 8 – Going Operational Social Media Event

Source: USGS Landsat Apr. 26, 2013 • On May 30, 2013, the Landsat Data Continuity Mission will begin its life’s work as an operational mission under the new moniker Landsat 8. Social media users that participate in Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus can register to attend an event in Sioux Falls, SD that will include an official […]

Apr 25, 2013How to Fly a Satellite at 17,000 MPH; The Historic Flight of Landsat 5

Source: Jennifer Harbster, Library of Congress Blog Apr. 25, 2013 • In 1984, the U.S. launched an Earth remote sensing mission to extend the observational record of our planet’s land masses begun 12-years earlier by the first Earth Resource Technology Satellite, later renamed Landsat 1. By the time Landsat 5 was launched, on March 1, 1984, expectations […]

Apr 24, 2013LDCM Status Update for April 24, 2013

Source: NASA Apr. 24, 2013 • All spacecraft and instrument systems continue to perform normally. LDCM continues to collect more than 400 scenes per day on the Worldwide Reference System-2 track. While waiting for the validation and delivery of on-orbit calibration information that ensures the instruments are returning good data, the Data Processing and Archive System at […]

Apr 22, 2013New NASA Satellite Takes the Salton Sea’s Temperature

An image from NASA’s LDCM satellite may look like a simple black-and-white image of a dramatic landscape, but it tells a story of temperature.

Apr 22, 2013For NASA to Build TIRS on Schedule, Every Day Counted

From the very beginning it was a looming ticking countdown clock to get the Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS) instrument ready for the Landsat Data Continuity Mission launch.

Apr 16, 2013LDCM Status Update for April 16, 2013

Source: NASA Apr. 16, 2013 • All spacecraft and instrument systems continue to perform normally. Two ascent burns were performed in the last week. On Sunday, April 7, ascent burn No. 3 was conducted. The 56.2-second burn was the longest LDCM burn yet, bringing the satellite within range of its operational orbit. Early Friday morning, April 12, […]

Apr 10, 2013LDCM Satellite Sees Its Birthplaces

Building and launching the Landsat Data Continuity Mission required teams of people across the United States.

Apr 8, 2013New LDCM/Landsat 8 Image Examples Available from USGS

Source: USGS Landsat Project Apr. 8, 2013 • Greenbelt, Vandenberg, Gilbert and Sioux Falls: these four areas played important roles in the creation and implementation of the LDCM. Take a look at images of these areas, created using recently acquired LDCM / Landsat 8 data:http://landsat.usgs.gov/LDCM_Image_Examples.php

Apr 5, 2013LDCM Status Update for April 5, 2013

Apr. 5, 2013 • All spacecraft and instrument systems continue to perform normally. LDCM under-flew the Landsat 7 satellite from Friday, Mar. 29, to Sunday, Mar. 31, collecting more than 1,200 coincident scenes. The scenes were acquired over a variety of different landscapes. During this period a number of coordinated field campaigns also took place. NASA […]

Apr 4, 2013Land-Cover/Land-Use Change Program Holds 2013 Spring Science Team Meeting

Source: LCLUC Website Apr. 4, 2013 • The 2013 LCLUC Annual Spring Science Team meeting focused on wetlands. Presentations at the meeting included project status updates and methods being adopted for wetland studies and analysis. LCLUC scientists reaching their third year of funding provided a summary of project findings. PI’s from newly funded projects presented posters of […]

Jeanine Murphy-Morris
Apr 2, 2013Meet Jeanine Murphy-Morris

Apr 2, 2013 • Aerospace engineer Jeanine Murphy-Morris has always been interested in flight, and that interest propelled her into a career building Earth-observing satellites. As a college student, she joined the Air Force ROTC program. After graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park with a degree in aerospace engineering, Jeanine was assigned to […]