June 2013

Landsat 5
Jun 26, 2013Historic Landsat 5 Mission Ends

When the Landsat 5 satellite launched on March 1, 1984, it was expected to last at least three years. More than 29 years and 2.5 million images later, the U.S. Geological Survey issued the final command to the aged satellite on June 5, 2013, and [...]

Jun 15, 2013MapBox Puts Landsat 8 Bands to Work

MapBox imagery specialist Charlie Loyd takes a detailed look at Landsat 8's spectral bands.

Jun 5, 2013Final Command Sent to Landsat 5

For over 29 years, commands have been sent to Landsat 5 for acquisitions, orbital maneuvers, to fix problems, and even to avoid space junk. Today at 11:34 EDT, the final command was sent to Landsat 5, to turn her solar array away from the sun, [...]