Landsat Images Provided to the Disaster Charter, Dec. 2016
Dec 31, 2016Landsat Images Provided to the Disaster Charter, Dec. 2016

You can think of the Charter as a one-stop-shop for impact maps—an essential resource, since in many cases satellite data are the only practical method to assess current ground conditions after a disaster.

volcano in iceland
Dec 16, 2016Creating a Volcanic Plume Elevation Model

Using Landsat 8 to create three-dimensional maps of volcanic ash plumes.

livestock, Pamir Mountains
Dec 15, 2016The 2015 Surge of Kelayayilake Glacier

In May 2015, a severe glacier surge struck the eastern Pamir.

tornado damage Perry Co. 2015
Dec 14, 2016Surveying Damage after Severe Weather Events

Imagery, like Landsat’s, offers an overhead view to NWS personnel.

mekong river delta
Dec 13, 2016A Spatial Toolbox to Help Deal with Flooding in Vietnam

A new collaborative platform has been developed to help Vietnam plan for and respond to flooding.

Dec 12, 2016Mapping Historic Floods Around the World

Developing the largest database of spatial extents for historic floods.