Landsat Images Provided to the Disaster Charter, Mar. 2017
Mar 31, 2017Landsat Images Provided to the Disaster Charter, Mar. 2017

You can think of the Charter as a one-stop-shop for impact maps—an essential resource, since in many cases satellite data are the only practical method to assess current ground conditions after a disaster.

EO-1 image of Holuhraun, Iceland
Mar 30, 2017A Farewell to EO-1: Celebrating 17 Years of NASA’s ‘Little Earth Satellite That Could’

EO-1 was a technology validation mission for testing cutting-edge advancements that have been and are being implemented on current and future satellite missions.

picture of report cover
Mar 29, 2017Landsat and Agriculture Case Studies

A team of economists from the USGS Fort Collins Science Center has published a new report on Landsat imagery use in agriculture.

Exhibit Fusing Art and Science Coming to Bismarck
Mar 27, 2017Exhibit Fusing Art and Science Coming to Bismarck

Earth as Art, a U.S. Geological Survey traveling exhibit that merges art with dramatic Landsat imagery of the earth’s surface, is coming to Bismarck for the month of April.

RIT Researchers Win USGS Grant to Improve Landsat 8 Data
Mar 27, 2017RIT Researchers Win USGS Grant to Improve Landsat 8 Data

Rochester Institute of Technology researchers have won funding from the U.S. Geological Survey to ensure accurate temperature data from the Landsat 8 satellite. Climate researchers depend on public data from the Earth-sensing satellite to measure surface changes over time.

migratory birds at field site
Mar 27, 2017Landsat Reveals Bird Habitat Loss in California

Drought and reduced seasonal flooding of wetlands and farm fields threaten a globally important stopover site for tens of thousands of migratory shorebirds in California’s Sacramento Valley, a new Duke University-led study shows.

New “Landsat Collections” Help Facilitate Land Change Science
Mar 24, 2017New “Landsat Collections” Help Facilitate Land Change Science

Access to consistent high-quality images to study changes on Earth’s surface is getting easier.

Mar 20, 2017Spectral Characterization

The measured wavelength locations of the ETM+ spectral bands are compared to Landat 5’s TM in Table 8.1 The spectral bandwidths are determined by the combined response of all optical path mirrors (i.e. primary, secondary, scan line corrector, scanning), the spectral filters, and the individual detectors. The spectral filters, located immediately in front of each […]

Pecora 20 Conference Announcement
Mar 9, 2017Pecora 20 Conference Announcement

The Pecora 20 Conference will be held November 14-16, 2017 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Sentinel-2B Successfully Launches
Mar 7, 2017Sentinel-2B Successfully Launches

“This launch completes the Sentinel-2 constellation, providing a tremendous new resource for land management and science.”