Landsat Images Provided to the Disaster Charter, Apr. 2017
Apr 30, 2017Landsat Images Provided to the Disaster Charter, Apr. 2017

This month, 20 Landsat scenes were ingested by the USGS Hazard Data Distribution System to provide data for Charter activations.

Florida Bay and Everglades
Apr 27, 2017Landsat365

Each day of 2017, a project called Landsat365 is sharing a stunning Landsat 8 image with the public.

flood waters south of Lake Urmia
Apr 19, 2017UNOSAT Maps Flood Extent Near Lake Urmia with Landsat 8

A Landsat 8-based map showing regions south of Iran’s Lake Urmia that have been effected by recent flooding has been created for UN decision makers.

Map of harvest and wildfire forest changes in Canada
Apr 10, 2017Canada’s Forests Return Following Disturbance

Tens-of-thousands of Landsat images representing billions of pixels, were used by White and co-authors to map forest wildfire and harvesting on an annual basis and to then characterize the return of forest vegetation following the disturbance.