Stan Freden with Landsat 1 model
Jun 30, 2017Celebrating Forty-Five Years of Landsat Acquisitions

It was the first Earth-observing satellite to be launched with the specific intent to study and monitor our planet’s landmasses.

map of fire extent
Jun 26, 2017Landsat Helps Map Fires in Western and Southern Cape Provinces of South Africa

Landsat 8 data was used to map the fire extent, measuring some 16,000 hectares of destruction.

Landsat 9 Mission Operations Contract Awarded
Jun 22, 2017Landsat 9 Mission Operations Contract Awarded

General Dynamics Mission Systems (GDMS) of Scottsdale, Arizona has been selected as the contractor responsible for Landsat 9 Mission Operations.

post-fire slope erosion prediction map
Jun 15, 2017Blazing Fast Relief: A NASA-Supported Tool is Accelerating Wildfire Recovery

Burned Area Emergency Response teams—one of most important parts of wildfires that you’ve probably never heard of.

Timeline of the Landsat Program
Jun 14, 2017Requesting Input on Future Landsat Requirements

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is requesting information from the land imaging community for user requirements for future Landsat systems.

map of guano
Jun 13, 2017At the Bottom of the World, Satellites Are Guiding Commerce and Conservation

MAPPPD is the first free, open-access Antarctic decision support system that integrates remotely sensed inputs, such as Landsat 7 images and MODIS sea ice data, to provide an assessment of Adélie and other penguin species across the frozen continent.

Buffer vegetation along Corsica River
Jun 1, 2017Mapping Chesapeake’s Future From Today’s Land Use

USGS’ pixel-by-pixel land use forecasts offer essential road maps for restoration.