NASA Earth Day 2020 poster
Apr 30, 2020Celebrating the 50th Earth Day

The first NASA/USGS Landsat satellite was launched just two years after the first Earth Day and successive Landsat satellites have been helping us understand our planet ever since.

Landsat water mapping
Apr 22, 2020Plants from Space with Martha Anderson

USDA researcher Marsha Anderson uses satellites and instruments like Landsat and ECOSTRESS to see how stressed plants are from space.

Apr 17, 2020Getting a Bird’s-Eye View of Biodiversity with Landsat

This bird’s-eye view of the relationship between temperature and bird biodiversity will help conservationists figure out where to prioritize their efforts in a warming world.

Scientist and penguin
Apr 14, 2020NASA Is Where the Wild Things Are

Researchers and conservationists around the world are using data and images from NASA satellite instruments to manage and track living creatures of all kinds.

Apr 8, 2020Raising a Glass in Wine Country to Better Water Management

Grape growers like Gallo are using data from Earth-observing satellites to better track soil and vine moisture levels, understand vine water use and plan grapevine irrigation.

Landsat 9 Ground System and Mission Operation Plans Well on Track for Launch
Apr 3, 2020Landsat 9 Ground System and Mission Operation Plans Well on Track for Launch

Landsat 9 has successfully passed its Mission Operations Review.

A ground photo of a glacier shrinking from 1979 to 2002
Apr 1, 2020New Life for ESA’s Landsat Historical Data

ESA has processed its historical collection of Landsat MSS data (collected by ESA ground stations) so that it can be easily compared to later Landsat data sets and Sentinel-2 data.