Time series Landsat data of glacier flow
Oct 27, 2020Greenland’s Retreating Glaciers Could Impact Local Ecology

Many of the Greenland’s glaciers are retreating while also undergoing other physical changes.

Smithsonian logo
Oct 27, 2020Landsat 9 Project Scientist on Expert Panel for Smithsonian Earth Optimism Event

Masek will talk about the Landsat data record and its role helping us understand our planet.

Helicopter doing field work in Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve
Oct 22, 2020Satellite Data Meets Cellular DNA for Species of Interest

Scientists are combining data from water samples containing fish DNA with satellite data to find native fish and identify their habitats.

Methodology graphic for Global Human Settlement Layer
Oct 7, 2020Landsat: Buttressing Knowledge about This Planet

A number of new data products with information derived from Landsat inputs have become available recently.

Tule sign in a vineyard
Oct 7, 2020Satellite Imagery Helps Farmers Cut Water Use in Half

A young start-up is using satellite data to give California farmers better information about water, which can translate into water savings or bigger yield for the same input.