Landsat scenes used by LANDFIREDec 2, 2014 • [Source: LANDFIRE] LANDFIRE National used approximately 5,340 Landsat scenes to map CONUS, Alaska and Hawaii. Landfire continues to rely on Landsat imagery for updates. There were 13,185 scenes processed from 1984-2009 to capture landscape change for CONUS for the LANDFIRE 2008 update (representing change 1999-2008). Additional years are included because the algorithm used to identify change needed a longer time horizon.

Nearly 5,000 CONUS scenes were processed to create LANDFIRE 2010 (representing change 2008-2010). The latest update, LANDFIRE 2012, employed a new image compositing process that used over 20,000 scenes from 2010-2013 in CONUS alone. That is more than 5,000 scenes per year to create composites.

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