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This joint NASA/USGS program provides the longest continuous space-based record of Earth’s land in existence. Every day, Landsat satellites provide essential information to help land managers and policy makers make wise decisions about our resources and our environment. + Landsat Case Studies ebook

NASA, USGS Release First Landsat 9 Images
Landsat 9's first light images provide a preview of how the mission will help people manage…

"If you really want to have a long history of understanding any process in the Earth, Landsat is where you should go."

— Tasso Azevedo, MapBiomas Initiative, Apr 19, 2021

“I really believe that Landsat data made a change in how we perceive global change. All of the things we have done so far would not have been possible without the unique Landsat dataset”

— Dr. Patrick Hostert, Geomatics Lab, Humboldt University, Apr 18, 2018

“Remote sensing with satellites such as Landsat and sensors such as MODIS allows scientists to conduct a range of studies they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.”

— Karl Flessa, co-chief scientist of the Minute 319 Science Team, Dec 17, 2014

"New sensors are nice, but can't let us see back in time. Happy 17th!"

— Daniela Moody, a Descartes Lab scientist, Apr 15, 2016

"It's really by stepping back and looking at the Earth, observing these changes in their context from space, can we really understand what's happening."

— Waleed Abdalati, NASA chief scientist, Jul 23, 2012

"Landsat 8 is part of a revolution of how much remote sensing can do to track the polar areas."

— Ted Scambos, Lead Scientist at the National Snow & Ice Data Center, Oct 18, 2017

"That is one cool thing about Landsat... people are always finding new applications."

— Jeff Masek, Landsat 9 Project Scientist, Dec 17, 2020

“I’d go to meetings and people were just jumping up and down because they had discovered another use for the data.”

— Virginia T. Norwood, talking about early Landsat data, Jun 30, 2021

“The Landsat archive holds great potential for studying the processes behind the Greenland Ice Sheet’s response to our changing climate over multi-decadal time scales. It is essential that this record be exploited over other areas of the Greenland Ice Sheet.”

— Noel Gourmelen, Oct 28, 2015

"Landsat 8 has been instrumental in monitoring smoke plumes as they spread across the Ninewa plains."

— Wim Zwijnenburg, Humanitarian Disarmament Project Leader for PAX, Oct 25, 2016