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Space Oblique Mercator Projection

To continually map the Earth’s surface using Landsat data, an entirely new projection had to be created. This new projection was created by John Parr Snyder and is known as the Space Oblique Mercator (SOM) projection. This projection has been referred to as, “one of the most complex projections ever devised” by Library of Congress cartographic historian, John W. Hessler.

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Landsat Spacecraft Orbit

Source: The Landsat Tutorial Workbook This schematic appears in The Landsat Tutorial Workbook: Basics of Satellite Remote Sensing, written by Dr. Nicholas Short and published by

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Seasonal Illumination Variations

Source: Landsat-6 Programming and Control Handbook This schematic appears in the Landsat-6 Programming and Control Handbook that was prepared by Martin Marietta Astro Space in 1993. Like

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Transverse Mercator Projection

Source: 1983 Landsat Short Course Lecture This schematic appears in the handbook that accompanied the1983 Landsat Short Course lecture on “TM Data Processing and Correction” that

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ERTS Flight Profile

Source: Earth Resources Technology Satellite Reference Manual This schematic appears in the ERTS Reference Manual that was prepared by General Electric prior to the Landsat 1 (ERTS-1)

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A Lambertian Reflector

Source: The Landsat Tutorial Workbook This schematic diagram depicts the behavior of a perfectly diffuse, or Lambertian, surface. This diagram appears in the The Landsat Tutorial

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