Landsat at the 2015 AGU Fall Meeting

Dec 14, 2015 • At this year’s AGU Fall meeting over 325 presentations feature research done using Landsat data. The Landsat-related papers and posters run the gamut of disciplines from cryosphere to biogeoscience to hydrology to global environmental change to natural hazards to informatics.

This year we spoke with over twenty scientists, researchers, and students using Landsat in their studies, the resulting Q & A’s will be posted here throughout the week.

a prairie pothole Climate Change, Conservation, and the Chemical Evolution of Prairie Potholes
U.S. forest Finding Where U.S. Forests Have Been Undisturbed for a Quarter Century
Prairie Pothole Region Finding Land Surface Change with Landsat: An Automation
mosquito beach Landsat Helps Inform Restoration Decisions in the Great Lakes
Kochtitzky on Coropuna Survival of a Tropical Glacier
fire boundary, Red Lassic Forest Disturbances and their Causes in California
Bagre Lake Tracking Microbiological Health Hazards in Burkina Faso
Niger River Monitoring Water Quality Trends in the Niger River Basin
longwall mining machine Assessing Longwall Mining Impacts on the Forests Above
Denali, snow A New Landsat-based Snow Cover Product from USGS
Antarctic rock outcrop map Mapping Antarctic Rock Outcrops with Landsat 8
great blue heron Using Landsat to Measure Chlorophyll in the Chesapeake Bay
earthquake aftermath How the 2010 Haitian Earthquake & Resulting Human Migration Affected Landslide Occurrences
Union Beach, NJ post-Sandy How Hurricane Sandy Affected New Jersey Coastal Marshes
houses in nepal Detecting Landslides in Nepal with Landsat
Lake Clark Watching Glacial Sediment Plumes in Alaska's Lake Clark
surface water being monitored by FEW NET Monitoring Small Surface Water Bodies in Africa
a river meander The Mechanics of Meander Migration
2015 Antarctica velocity map Measuring Movement at the Bottom of the Earth
Clopper Lake Tracking Global Surface Water Dynamics with Landsat
Mongolian Plateau lake Behind the Rapid Loss of Lakes on the Mongolian Plateau
Rice fields Mapping Rice, Managing Water in Parched California

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