Landsat Abounds at #AGU16

Dec 12, 2016 • Over 375 presentations at this year’s AGU Fall meeting feature research conducted with the aid of Landsat data. The wide scope and interdisciplinary nature of Landsat data is reflected in the gamut of focus areas that Landsat-related papers and posters can be found: from cryosphere to biogeoscience to hydrology to global environmental change to natural hazards to informatics.

This year we were fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with over thirty scientists, researchers, and students who use Landsat in their studies, the resulting Q&A’s will be posted here throughout the week. 

Antarctica Reassessing Mass Balance in West Antarctica
Louisiana coastal marshes How Louisiana’s Coastal Marshes are Responding to Climate Change
Hamlet of Paulatuk The Eroding Hamlet of Paulatuk
canal structure Watching Water Use in the Southwest
Himalayas Dust on a Glacier
NW Florida mangroves The Poleward March of Mangroves
Nabesna Glacier The Mechanics of Glacier Motion
Karakoram mountain range Glacier Behavior in High Mountain Asia
Gilles Creek Fire How Fire Severity Impacts Soil Microbes
Getz Ice Shelf The Shifting Boundary Between Grounded Continental Ice and the Ocean in West Antarctica
flooding Mapping Historic Floods Around the World
mekong river delta A Spatial Toolbox to Help Deal with Flooding in Vietnam
lake in Tibet A Bounty of New Lakes on the Tibetan Plateau
Komodo Mangroves A New Fire Risk Indicator
abandoned barn 45 Years of Ecosystem Carbon Storage Change Across the U.S.
tornado damage Perry Co. 2015 Surveying Damage after Severe Weather Events
Punak Jaya glacier Decline of the Last Glaciers in the Eastern Tropics
Nevado Coropuna A Glacierized Volcano in Peru & El Niño
livestock, Pamir Mountains The 2015 Surge of Kelayayilake Glacier
south central Alaska Mapping Snowmelt in the Arctic
Medellin at dusk Mapping Cities Worldwide
Springtime on a Urban Heat Island
Helena Forest Service A More Detailed Map for Forest Managers
forest near Mt. Hood Fingerprinting Carbon Loss in Pacific Northwest Forests
Amazon River Watching Water Dynamics
Hume Dame Environmental Flows: Managing Water in the Murray Darling Basin
ducks Tracking Water Resources in California’s Central Valley
Folgefonna glacier A New Way to Map Glaciers
Sierra Nevada Mountains Extreme Event: 2012-2015 Snowpack Drought in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Jodhpur A Map for Preserving a Sustainable Society
forest inventory How FastEmap is Helping Foresters
Ucayali River movements The Secret Lives of Migrating Rivers
jackrabbit Managing Brush on Western Rangelands
Yamouk River Valley Managing Water in Conflict-Torn Regions
soybean field Mappng Croplands Over the U.S. High Plains Aquifer
Uncertainty at the Forest’s Edge
map of aCDOM440 Mapping Dissolved Organic Matter in Tropical Inland Waters with Landsat 8
hardwood swamp in flordia Apalachicola’s Disappearing Swamp
volcano in iceland Creating a Volcanic Plume Elevation Model

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NASA at American Geophysical Union
Long days, fresh ideas, and new connections: USGS scientists sharing science at the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting
Anyone can freely download Landsat data from the USGS EarthExplorer or LandsatLook.