Landsat Exhibit Arrives at Goddard Visitor Center

young visitors interacting with exhibit
Two young visitors to the NASA Goddard Visitor Center explore the Landsat: Seeing in a Different Light exhibit on Sunday, March 17.

Contributor: Tassia Owen, Landsat Project Science Office

Mar. 18, 2013 • The Goddard Space Flight Center’s Visitor Center seemed a little greener this Saint Patrick’s Day, but it wasn’t because of four leaf clovers or children wearing green from head to toe.  Situated among exhibits that explore our solar system and galaxy, a new exhibit graced the floor, but it features mysteries that are a little closer to home. Showing the space-based view of deep green tree canopies and bright green plant life in infrared light, Landsat: Seeing in a Different Light explores how Landsat satellite technology provides unique information that helps people solve important problems.

the traveling exhibit
The Landsat: Seeing in a Different Light traveling exhibit.

The exhibit engages its audience through asking them to select different locations around the world, and then gives the user a scenario where Landsat data is used to solve problems. Exhibit images illustrate that Landsat sees like the audience, while showing that Landsat sees more too.  Landsat records thermal, shortwave, and near infrared light that people can't see. Through comparing images made with visible light to images that include infrared light, the audience is able to understand how these different types of images are useful in different situations that have a real impact on society.

To explore Earth as Landsat “sees” it, come to the Visitor's Center at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center between March 17 and May 31, 2013. You will visit the Amazon, Australia, Alaska, Dubai and other locations around the world with your fingertips and discover the role Landsat plays in planning forest fire recovery and urban growth, in monitoring glacial retreat and floods, and other scenarios that impact people.

If you can't come to NASA Goddard, the exhibit may be coming to a museum or library near you. In June, Landsat: Seeing in a Different Light will be moving to Vincennes, Indiana to the Knox library. In September, it will travel to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in time for the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) annual conference. 

The exhibit will then be available to other institutions to host.