Feb 1, 2013Landsat Monitors Chesapeake Bay Change

Feb 1, 2013 • Landsat is a critical and invaluable tool for characterizing the landscape and mapping it over time. Landsat data provides a baseline of observations for science about how human activities on the land affect water quality, affect wildlife habitat, affect air quality. Without it we wouldn’t be able to really understand how […]

false-color infrared image of U.S./Mexico border
Jun 18, 2006Tracking socioeconomic impacts on land use

Location: California-Mexico Border Source: USGS Earthshots These images show the different land use patterns of El Centro, California, and the urban area of Mexicali/Calexico on the California-Mexico border. From 1970 to 1990, these cities’ populations grew by the following amounts: El Centro: 19,272 to 31,384 (63%) Calexico: 10,625 to 18,633 (76%) Mexicali: 459,900 to 712,400 […]

image shows urban growth in the Washington D.C. metropolitan region
Jan 15, 2000Monitoring urban growth

Contributor: Jeffrey G. Masek, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Traffic jams and air pollution in large metropolitan areas are sure signs of expanding populations. Across the globe, 50 percent of the world’s population now lives in urban areas, a gain of over one billion individuals in the last 30 years. In the United States, urban […]

Stereo image of Bolivia's Camargo syncline
Jun 16, 1986Cartographic mapping: 3-D Map Stereo Projections

Location: Camargo Syncline, Bolivia Source: RSD Portal This is a perspective view of the Camargo syncline in central Bolivia. It was created from a true stereo pair of images taken one year apart (June 6, 1985 and June 16, 1986) in Landsat TM channels 5,4,2. Landsat imaged the area from slightly different angles. The two […]

Landsat TM image of the Harrisburg region acquired on Oct. 30, 1984.
Oct 30, 1984Mapping major geologic features

Location:¬†Harrisburg, Pennsylvania This Landsat view shows Harrisburg and the Appalachian Mountains of central Pennsylvania. The Piedmont province is visible in the lower right corner. The Great Valley runs SW-NE across the center of view, and the Valley and Ridge province occupies the northwest portion of scene. The city of Harrisburg is the blue-grey patch next […]