Traveling Exhibit
May 20, 2013Traveling Exhibit

Landsat: Seeing in a Different Light Landsat: Seeing in a Different Light engages its audience through asking them to select different locations around the world, and then gives the user a scenario where Landsat data is used to solve problems. Exhibit images illustrate that Landsat sees like the audience, while showing that Landsat sees more […]

How Landsat Works
May 20, 2013How Landsat Works

Landsat is more than just a camera with a great zoom lens orbiting Earth.  Landsat measures light reflected by Earth from the sun.  The light that Landsat measures reveals a lot about the earth’s surface, since different surfaces reflect various types of light. In the Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum you can learn about the […]

Jun 22, 2006Classroom Activities

Title Description Keywords DLESE (external link)Description For Grades K-12 Mission Geography (external link) These curriculum support materials link the content, skills, and perspectives of Geography for Life: The National Geography Standards with the missions, research, and science of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). K-4: Maps, physical and human landscapes, population distribution, satellite perspective. […]

Aug 22, 2005Salish-Kootenai Tribal College Internships

Student projects from summer 2005: Landcover classification specific to timber typing in the buffer zone of the Mission Range. This student was looking for dominant species composition using both aerial photos and Landsat data. For a further analysis in specific areas of the buffer zone, a crown/species density count was also performed. Fire Prediction modeling […]