October 2017

Landsat image of Antarctica
Oct 18, 2017USGS Video: Landsat In Action—Interview with Ted Scambos

Ted Scambos, Lead Scientist at the National Snow & Ice Data Center, talks about the roll of Landsat in his research studying polar regions.

2017 bloom in Lake Erie
Oct 17, 2017Mapcap Recap: Landsat in the News

Very brief summaries and links to some of the more fascinating Landsat news and blog posts out there.

GEO Announces Major Milestone Reached in Forest Monitoring from Space
Oct 1, 2017GEO Announces Major Milestone Reached in Forest Monitoring from Space

Thanks to a major effort to ensure full satellite coverage of the world’s forests, all countries now have the necessary data for annual forest monitoring for the first time ever.

Sep 29, 2017Landsat 9’s OLI-2 Instrument Takes Shape

OLI-2 is being built by Ball Aerospace in Boulder, Colorado.

Water map of portion of Amazon
Sep 28, 2017Mapping the World’s Most Precious Resource:
Landsat Science Team Member Gives Surface Water TEDx Talk

This TEDx talk explains Belward's work which utilizes the Landsat data archive to map surface water movement around the globe.

Rio Grande de Loíza - after Maria
Sep 28, 2017Puerto Rico Landscape Ravaged by Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria tore across Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, ravaging both urban and rural areas with category 4 winds and intense rainfall for several days.

Landsat Analysis Ready Data Coming Soon
Sep 25, 2017Landsat Analysis Ready Data Coming Soon

A fundamental goal for Landsat ARD is to significantly reduce the magnitude of data processing for application scientists.

rock outcropping on Fleming Glacier
Sep 25, 2017Wind, Warm Water Revved Up Melting Antarctic Glaciers

A NASA study has located the Antarctic glaciers that accelerated the fastest between 2008 and 2014 and finds that the most likely cause of their speedup is an observed influx of warm water into the bay where they're located.

A timeline of Landsat 9 mission development and lifecycle.
Sep 18, 2017Landsat 9 Preliminary Design Review Successfully Completed

The mission team demonstrated to an independent Standing Review Board that all design plans for the Landsat 9 mission are both sound and well integrated.

Caribbean Islands before and after Irma
Sep 12, 2017Hurricane Irma Turns Caribbean Islands Brown

Irma battered several Caribbean islands in September 2017; when the clouds cleared the destruction became obvious even from space.

Upcoming Landsat 9 Preliminary Design Review
Sep 12, 2017Upcoming Landsat 9 Preliminary Design Review

The Landsat 9 Preliminary Design Review (PDR) is scheduled for September 12-14, 2017.

temporal revisit, i.e. data for HLS
Sep 8, 2017Latest Harmonized Landsat Sentinel-2 (HLS) Version Released

When Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 data are used together observations can be more timely and accurate.

map of study area
Sep 7, 2017Finding Baltimore’s Mosquito Hotspots with Help from Landsat

High levels of residential abandonment and unchecked vegetation growth in low-income neighborhoods are strong indicators of mosquito prevalence. Higher income neighborhoods are also susceptible to mosquito-borne disease due to the presence of [...]

American Oyster
Aug 24, 2017Oyster Prospecting with Landsat 8

In the first study of its kind, researchers from the University of Maine have demonstrated that Landsat 8 satellite data can be used to find locations where oysters farms should thrive.

Chris Shuman
Aug 16, 2017On Iceberg Watch with Landsat’s Night-Vision

NASA Goddard research scientist Chris Shuman spoke recently to National Geographic about Delaware-sized iceberg that broke away from the Larsen C ice shelf last month.

cover of Landsat Legacy book
Aug 15, 2017Coming This Fall: Publication of Landsat Legacy Book

A seminal work on the nearly half-century of monitoring Earth’s lands with Landsat will be published this year.

Disaster Charter Landsat-based map of flooding in Venezuela
Aug 15, 2017Mapping Orinoco and Caroni River Floods in Venezuela

The Disaster Charter used Landsat 8 data to map flooding on the Orinoco and Caroni Rivers.

Landsat 9 Spacecraft Development on Schedule
Aug 10, 2017Landsat 9 Spacecraft Development on Schedule

The Landsat 9 spacecraft is on track and meeting all of the system and schedule requirements needed for the mission’s planned Dec. 2020 launch.

artist rendering of early Landsat in orbit
Jul 29, 201745 Years of Landsat

This week we celebrated the 45th anniversary of the Landsat 1 launch.

Landsat image of Larsen C ice shelf.
Jul 27, 2017Looking at Larsen C Fracture Mechanics with Landsat

The large rift that eventually formed iceberg A68 initially broke through a suture zone in the southern part of the ice shelf that had previously stabilized neighboring rifts for at least 80 years.

thermal image of Larsen C
Jul 25, 2017Landsat ‘Sees in the Dark’ the Evolution of Antarctica’s Delaware-sized Iceberg

The Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS) on Landsat 8 captured a new snap of the 2,240-square-mile iceberg that split off from the Antarctic Peninsula’s Larsen C ice shelf on July 10-12.

Landsat Science Team
Jul 20, 2017Summer Landsat Science Team Meeting Held

USGS has made all meeting presentations available on the USGS Landsat website.

Larsen C ice crack
Jul 13, 2017Massive Iceberg Breaks Off from Antarctica

The iceberg is about the size of Delaware.

Landsat 8 image
Jul 6, 20177 Million Landsat Scenes and Counting!

The Landsat archive has now surpassed 7 million scenes since Landsat 1 first began collecting data in July 1972.

Stan Freden with Landsat 1 model
Jun 30, 2017Celebrating Forty-Five Years of Landsat Acquisitions

It was the first Earth-observing satellite to be launched with the specific intent to study and monitor our planet’s landmasses.

map of fire extent
Jun 26, 2017Landsat Helps Map Fires in Western and Southern Cape Provinces of South Africa

Landsat 8 data was used to map the fire extent, measuring some 16,000 hectares of destruction.

Landsat 9 Mission Operations Contract Awarded
Jun 22, 2017Landsat 9 Mission Operations Contract Awarded

General Dynamics Mission Systems (GDMS) of Scottsdale, Arizona has been selected as the contractor responsible for Landsat 9 Mission Operations.

post-fire slope erosion prediction map
Jun 15, 2017Blazing Fast Relief: A NASA-Supported Tool is Accelerating Wildfire Recovery

Burned Area Emergency Response teams—one of most important parts of wildfires that you’ve probably never heard of.

Timeline of the Landsat Program
Jun 14, 2017Requesting Input on Future Landsat Requirements

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is requesting information from the land imaging community for user requirements for future Landsat systems.

map of guano
Jun 13, 2017At the Bottom of the World, Satellites Are Guiding Commerce and Conservation

MAPPPD is the first free, open-access Antarctic decision support system that integrates remotely sensed inputs, such as Landsat 7 images and MODIS sea ice data, to provide an assessment of Adélie and other penguin species across the frozen continent.

Buffer vegetation along Corsica River
Jun 1, 2017Mapping Chesapeake’s Future From Today’s Land Use

USGS’ pixel-by-pixel land use forecasts offer essential road maps for restoration.

Landsat Images Provided to the Disaster Charter, May 2017
May 31, 2017Landsat Images Provided to the Disaster Charter, May 2017

This month, 34 Landsat scenes were ingested by the USGS Hazard Data Distribution System to provide data for Charter activations.

Landsat 8 image, 1M+
May 31, 2017Landsat 8 Scenes Top 1 Million

As of today, there are now over 1 million Landsat 8 scenes available to download from the Landsat archive.

Magnetic Island intertidal zone
May 25, 2017Welcome to the Intertidal Zone:
Mapping Australia’s Coast with Landsat

Using 28 years of Landsat data, an Australian research team has created a continent-wide intertidal zone extent map for the whole of the Australian coast.

Be Part of the Next Landsat Science Team
May 24, 2017Be Part of the Next Landsat Science Team

The USGS, in cooperation with NASA, is requesting proposals for membership on the 2018-2023 Landsat Science Team.

People & Projects Shaping the Future of Land Imaging: <br />Introducing S.J. Ben Yoo
May 22, 2017People & Projects Shaping the Future of Land Imaging:
Introducing S.J. Ben Yoo

To learn how current investments could impact the future of Landsat we are conducting a series of interviews with ESTO-funded researchers working on technology for the Landsat 10 era and beyond.

Mt. St. Helens, 37 Years of Recovery
May 18, 2017Mt. St. Helens, 37 Years of Recovery

In the decades since the Mount St. Helens eruption, scientists have studied the recovery of the ecosystem around the mountain using the Landsat series of satellites.

trees in Myanmar
May 17, 2017Myanmar’s Extensive Forests Are Declining Rapidly

The loss of intact forest cover in Myanmar has accelerated in the past decade, according to a study by Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute scientists and partners.

forest near Mt. Rainer
May 16, 2017“Listening to Landscapes” Wins Science’s People Choice Award for 2017 Data Stories Contest

The data animation based on LandTrendr-derived land cover change illustrates the effects of political boundaries on forest cover as well as the relationship between insect infestations and forest fire behavior.

algal bloom in Lake Erie 2015
May 15, 2017How Landsat Data Led to a Breakthrough for Lake Erie Toxic Algal Blooms

With the growing frequency and magnitude of toxic freshwater algal blooms becoming an increasingly worrisome public health concern, Carnegie scientists Jeff Ho and Anna Michalak, along with colleagues, have made new advances in understanding the [...]

Chesapeake Bay tributary
May 2, 2017Revolutionizing Land Cover and Land Change Research

A new initiative called Land Change Monitoring, Assessment, and Projection provides definitive, timely information on how, why, and where the planet is changing.

Landsat Images Provided to the Disaster Charter, Apr. 2017
Apr 30, 2017Landsat Images Provided to the Disaster Charter, Apr. 2017

This month, 20 Landsat scenes were ingested by the USGS Hazard Data Distribution System to provide data for Charter activations.

Florida Bay and Everglades
Apr 27, 2017Landsat365

Each day of 2017, a project called Landsat365 is sharing a stunning Landsat 8 image with the public.

flood waters south of Lake Urmia
Apr 19, 2017UNOSAT Maps Flood Extent Near Lake Urmia with Landsat 8

A Landsat 8-based map showing regions south of Iran's Lake Urmia that have been effected by recent flooding has been created for UN decision makers.

Map of harvest and wildfire forest changes in Canada
Apr 10, 2017Canada’s Forests Return Following Disturbance

Tens-of-thousands of Landsat images representing billions of pixels, were used by White and co-authors to map forest wildfire and harvesting on an annual basis and to then characterize the return of forest vegetation following the disturbance.

Landsat Images Provided to the Disaster Charter, Mar. 2017
Mar 31, 2017Landsat Images Provided to the Disaster Charter, Mar. 2017

You can think of the Charter as a one-stop-shop for impact maps—an essential resource, since in many cases satellite data are the only practical method to assess current ground conditions after a disaster.

EO-1 image of Holuhraun, Iceland
Mar 30, 2017A Farewell to EO-1: Celebrating 17 Years of NASA’s ‘Little Earth Satellite That Could’

EO-1 was a technology validation mission for testing cutting-edge advancements that have been and are being implemented on current and future satellite missions.

picture of report cover
Mar 29, 2017Landsat and Agriculture Case Studies

A team of economists from the USGS Fort Collins Science Center has published a new report on Landsat imagery use in agriculture.

Exhibit Fusing Art and Science Coming to Bismarck
Mar 27, 2017Exhibit Fusing Art and Science Coming to Bismarck

Earth as Art, a U.S. Geological Survey traveling exhibit that merges art with dramatic Landsat imagery of the earth’s surface, is coming to Bismarck for the month of April.

RIT Researchers Win USGS Grant to Improve Landsat 8 Data
Mar 27, 2017RIT Researchers Win USGS Grant to Improve Landsat 8 Data

Rochester Institute of Technology researchers have won funding from the U.S. Geological Survey to ensure accurate temperature data from the Landsat 8 satellite. Climate researchers depend on public data from the Earth-sensing satellite to [...]