LANDFIRE geoareas and reference plot locations
Jul 30, 2020LANDFIRE Remap Is Here

LANDFIRE has released its Remap dataset; new techniques and new data provide significant improvement.

Apr 1, 2019New Technologies for Range and Pasture Management

The Landsat-based Rangeland Analysis Platform and Green-Cast are valuable tools for ranchers adaptively managing their land.

Tom Loveland
Jan 12, 2018Landsat Science Team Co-chair Talks to SDPB Radio

Tom Loveland spoke with reporter Cara Hetland from South Dakota Public Broadcasting about his role as co-chair of the Landsat Science Team and the team itself.

Leonard Lopate
Aug 8, 2013Environmental Monitoring with Public Domain Satellites

WNYC’s Leonard Lopate talks with SkyTruth president, John Amos, about using public domain satellite imagery, such as Landsat, to monitor the environment. SkyTruth uses all types of satellite imagery to monitor environmental changes and disasters; Landsat is prominently mentioned among them.

Chesapeake Bay region
Jun 19, 2012EarthSky Interview with Peter Claggett: Seeing Chesapeake Bay Changes with Landsat

Jun 19, 2012 • Satellite images show big changes happening to Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the U.S., where freshwater meets the sea. Peter Claggett is a research geographer with the U.S. Geological Survey’s Eastern Geographic Science Center. Claggett’s team tracks changes in Chesapeake Bay using data from the Landsat program of Earth-observing satellites. […]

Old growth Oregon coastal forest
Feb 8, 2012EarthSky Interview with Alan Belward: Tracking Changes to Earth’s Forests from Space

Feb 8, 2012 • Satellite researcher Alan Belward works for the Institute for Environment and Sustainability, part of the European Commission’s Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy. Dr. Belward heads the Land Resource Management Unit, which looks at changes to land cover and land use on a global scale. In 2011, Dr. Belward was part […]

Dakota Midday Learns about Landsat
Aug 31, 2011Dakota Midday Learns about Landsat

Aug 31, 2011 • On the last day of the Science Team Meeting, NASA and USGS Landsat Project Scientists Jeff Masek and Tom Loveland along with Science Team leader Curtis Woodcock talked live with South Dakota Public Radio’s Dakota Midday about the Landsat program from the USGS EROS Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They discussed their […]

Landsat-derived deforestation trends
Dec 6, 2010A Carbon Agreement That Would Rely on Landsat Data

Dec 6, 2010 • At the UN climate talks in Cancun, a satellite-based protocol to track deforestation is being met with some optimism. In this new initiative to incentivize forest conservation in developing countries, Landsat data would be used to verify deforestation rates. This initiative known as Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) […]

forest floor
Oct 25, 2010Landsat Backbone of Forest Monitoring

Oct 25, 2010 • In a recent EarthSky interview, Landsat science team member Curtis Woodcock talks about the importance of Landsat data to global forest monitoring. Podcasts: • 90 second podcast interview (1.7 Mb) • 8 min. podcast interview (13.9 Mb) From EarthSky: Curtis Woodcock: The Landsat series of satellites really provide the backbone for the monitoring of forests that’s […]

Tom Loveland
Mar 5, 2009Loveland Reflects on Landsat Program

Mar 5, 2009 • Landsat Data Continuity Mission USGS Project Scientist, Dr. Tom Loveland, sat down with Directions Magazine to reflect on the Landsat Program. In a podcast recording, Loveland and Directions Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Joe Francica, discuss Landsat’s past, the program’s major contributions, the geospatial job market, and the future of the Landsat Program. More Information + Read about […]