The USGS archive contains the most complete and well-maintained collection of Landsat data. All Landsat data are available for free.

There are also many online resources for Landsat science products. Find out more below.

The Global Land Cover Facility (GLCF) (external link)

The University of Maryland’s Global Land Cover Facility (GLCF) offers thousands of Landsat scenes and derived data products. The GLCF archive includes all of the Landsat GeoCover data, therefore, the archive contains at least one image from any where in the world (within Landsat coverage boundaries), except for Antarctica.


NASA’s Landsat Ecosystem Disturbance Adaptive Processing System (LEDAPS) project is creating a record of forest disturbance and regrowth for North America from the Landsat satellite record, in support of the carbon modeling activities. LEDAPS relies on the decadal Landsat GeoCover data set supplemented by dense image time series for selected locations. Imagery is first atmospherically corrected to surface reflectance, and then change detection algorithms are used to extract disturbance area, type, and frequency. Reuse of the MODIS Land processing system (MODAPS) architecture allows rapid throughput of over 2200 MSS, TM, and ETM+ scenes. The site includes surface reflectance products and test products for continental disturbance.

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