Chesapeake Bay Mat

Bolden and bay mosaic

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden (center) with Landsat Communication and Public Engagement team member Jeannie Allen, and NASA Head of Communications, David Weaver looking at the Landsat mosaic of the Chesapeake Bay. Picture taken 2014.

The Chesapeake Bay Mat is a 10-foot by 8-foot image of the Chesapeake Bay printed on a durable canvas for crawling and walking on. This unique perspective allows people to see differences in land use (especially between the Delmarva Peninsula and the DC area) in great detail.

Along with the mat we include imagery of various highlights of the bay area using different remote sensing and GIS obtained imagery (near-infrared imagery, road line shapefiles, etc.). This allows the public to hunt for those features and see them from yet another perspective as scientists and data visualizers do.

Spectral Signatures

The spectral signatures activity starts out by talking about how light is reflected and absorbed.

Landsat Cubes

The Landsat cubes consist of four 4-inch by 4-inch translucent cubes with Landsat scenes acquired of different chunks of the Earth over time to tell a story. The activity is to have the participant select an image they like and have them put the cubes in order chronologically to see how that area has changed. We are able to introduce the importance of temporal resolution, false color imagery (imagery created using EM wavelengths either outside the visible or using the visible wavelengths differently than our eyes perceive them), various applications of remote sensing and Landsat, and an introduction into remote sensing visual interpretations.

Here are the images used in the cubes:

Atchafalaya_Bay (190.2 MB, ZIP)

Dubai (212.1 MB, ZIP)

Las_Vegas (247.9 MB, ZIP)

MtStHelens (235.1 MB, ZIP)

Rondonia (262.7 MB, ZIP)

Yellowstone (68.9 MB, ZIP)

Here is the answer key and other useful files:

Cube Instructions (37 MB, PDF)

2_5x2_5in_graph_LTSC (193 KB, PDF)

2_5x2_5in_graph_makea (337 KB, PDF)

Landsat in a box*

Bumpy, Wrinkled, Smooth