Featured Landsat Videos

Images, Videos, and Animation Resources

  • + NASA’s Science Visualization Studio: Landsat – NASA’s Science Visualization Studio (SVS) creates an array of images and animations using satellite and other data to illustrate research done by NASA.
  • + Landsat Image Gallery – Browse Landsat images from around the world and read stories about each landmark as Landsat sees them.
  • + Earth Observatory – A collection of images and stories about Earth including, Landsat’s Greatest Hits, a slideshow of some of the best images from the Landsat program’s first 40 years.
  • + Earth as Art – A USGS collection of some of Landsat’s most beautiful images from around the world.
  • + EarthShots: Satellite Images of Environmental Change – EarthShots introduces remote sensing by showing examples of environmental change from around the world. Explore this site to see how satellite imagery is used to track change over time.