Oct 8, 2014 • Interested in Landsat data discovery and access?

Landsat satellites have been observing Earth’s land surfaces consistently for over 40 years, providing the longest continuous space-based record of Earth’s land in existence. All Landsat data held in the USGS archives are publicly available at no charge.

A joint USGS/NASA webinar recored on Oct. 8, 2014 provides viewers with information about:

• Landsat data applications and usage
• Basic technology of Landsat missions
• How to find and download data for user-defined area of interest
• Educational resources available for learning and teaching about Landsat

NASA and USGS worked jointly to present to the over 100 participants of this NASA EarthData-hosted a webinar. NASA EarthData’s Jennifer Brennan hosted speakers Laura Rocchio, Linda Owen, and Jeannie Allen from the Landsat team. The recorded webinar can be watched on the NASA EarthData YouTube channel.