LANDFIRE land/fire schematicJan 10, 2017 • [Source: LANDFIRE] The LANDFIRE 2014 Update for the conterminous United States has been completed, with Alaska and Hawaii soon to follow.  The latest in a series of biennial efforts to maintain the currency of LANDFIRE products, the LANDFIRE 2014 Update captures disturbance and succession for the years 2013-2014 and modifies the vegetation and fuels data to account for these changes.

To develop the disturbance layers, the LANDFIRE 2014 Update team at the USGS EROS Center used a consistent approach of combining geospatial data depicting areas of disturbance with Remote Sensing of Landscape Change (RSLC) derived data. Data from combinations of Landsat satellite imagery, fire program data, e.g., Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (MTBS), cooperator-provided field data, and other ancillary data, e.g., Protected Area Database (PAD), were used to locate and characterize large wildfires.

Data for each year from 1999-2014, along with the updated vegetation and fuels layers, are distributed through the LANDFIRE Program website as well as through various web applications including the Wildland Fire Decision Support System and ArcGIS Online.