Quick Facts

  • Science Instruments: OLI-2; TIRS-2
  • OLI-2 build: Ball Aerospace & Technology Corp.
  • TIRS-2 build: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Design Life: 5 years
  • Spacecraft Provider:Northrop Grumman Innovative Systems (NGIS)
  • Image Data: > 700 scenes per day
  • Target Launch Date: ~Dec. 2020
  • Launch Vehicle: United Launch Alliance Atlas V 401
  • Orbit: near-polar, sun-synchronous at an altitude of 438 miles (705 km)
  • Orbital Inclination: 98.2˚
  • Spacecraft Speed: 16,760 mi/hr (26,972 km/hr),
  • Consumables: 10 years

Landsat 9 is the next observatory in the Landsat program, a 40-year effort to monitor changes to Earth’s surface. Targeted to launch in March 2021, Landsat 9 will continuously capture images of Earth as it orbits, beaming back data on natural and human-made changes to our planet.


Take the Tour

Landsat 9: From Earth to Orbit

Get a sneak peek at Landsat 9! Visit stops in the US where the Landsat 9 observatory is being built. Find out about the parts of the observatory, see pictures of the work in progress, and meet some of the people behind the scenes.

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Download the Poster

Landsat 9 Poster

Share the excitement of the Landsat 9 mission with this 18 in. x 12 in. poster.
Learn about infrared and visible pictures with a fun activity for students.



Landsat 9 Collectors’ Cards

Take home some of the incredible Landsat images with our collectors’ cards. Each
pair of 3.5 in. x 8 in. cards covers a different theme, from oceans to urban landscapes.

Available card sets for download:

  Ocean and Seas   Glaciers and Ice   Land
  Volcanos   Urban Growth   Food
  Forest   Fire   Desert